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Built by:Robinson & Russell.
Yard No.:
Tonnage:450 tons
Machinery:120hp. Built by Messrs Robinson & Russell, of Millwall. 13 knots.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Paddle Steamer.
Official No.:
Other info:Constructed under a grant of the Danish Government.
History:24th April 1851. Sailed from the East India Docks for her first trip for Denmark.
May 1851. Completed her first voyage between Denmark and the Port of London, with a cargo of 130 head o cattle and houses, 70 pigs, besides a large stock of other agricultural produce.
23rd September 1853. Arrived at Lowestoft, Captain Schultz, and sailed again for Hoyer.
23rd April 1854. Arrived at Lowestoft, after being chartered by the Northern and Eastern Navigation Company, with 135 head of cattle, 18 pigs, and 11 sheep, in very good condition.
28th April 1854. Arrived at Lowestoft from Nykjobing with a cargo of 135 oxen, 18 pigs and 11 sheep.
11th November 1854. Arrived at Lowestoft with 141 oxen and 135 casks of butter.
11th May 1855. Due to arrive at Lowestoft, chartered by the company, from Nykjobing.
13th May 1855. Arrived at Lowestoft with 148 bullocks, 2 sheep, and 21 pigs. She also brought over three sailors who were wrecked on the northern coast of Denmark, in the schooner ‘British Queen’, Brame, master, and two men named Spilling and Sparks were forwarded to London, and the third, named Blanshard, to Hull, by the agent of the Shipwrecked Marine Society. She sailed that evening.
21st May 1855. Arrived at Lowestoft with 148 beasts from Nykjobing, Captain Raahange.
22nd May 1855. Sailed from Lowestof for Nykjobing.
30th June 1855. Arrived and sailed from Lowestoft for Nykjobing.
7th July 1855. Due to sail from Horselydown.
3rd August 1855. Sailed from Gothenburg for Copenhagen, but had to put back to port for repair to her rudder, having touched upon a sunken rock in proceeding to sea.

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