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Built by:Wakefield Pim, Hull.
Yard:St. George Iron Works, Wellington Street.
Yard No.:
Launched:21st February 1848
Length:179 feet 5 inches
Breadth:26 feet 4 inches
Depth:16 feet 3 inches
Machinery:Built by Butterly Company. 250 hp.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Paddle-Wheel Steamer.
Registered:18th December 1852 at Grimsby by S. Andrews.
Official No.:1869
Other info:60 Passengers.
History:Built for the Hanseatic Steam Navigation Company, to trade between Hull and Hamburg.
23rd April 1847. Vessel being built.
2nd September 1848. Made a trial trip from Hull to Spurn and the sea which was very satisfactory. Captain Mowle. 24th February 1849. Arrived at Hull, Captain Mowle, from Hamburg.
1st March 1849. Arrived at Lowestoft from Hull, for Hamburg.
18th September 1849. Sailed for Hamburg from Hull.
2nd October 1849. Sailed for Hamburg from Hull.
16th October 1849. Sailed for Hamburg from Hull.
30th October 1849. Sailed for Hamburg from Hull.
8th November 1852. Bought by The North of Europe Steam Navigation Company for £15,750. and put on the Great Grimsby and Hamburg route.
13th April 1853. Sailed from Lowestoft, after undergone repairs, refitted and decorated for Grimsby.
16th November 1853. An inquest was held on Edwin Horsfield, cook, who died on board. Verdict – ‘Died by the visitation of God’.
1st April 1854. Sailed from Lowestoft for Grimsby after undergone repairs and a new funnel.
2nd December 1856. Intend to leave Tonning and put to sea, leaving part of her cargo behind. There was much ice in the river Eider, and the danger for steamers is considerable. The frost during the night reached 10c. The river is full of floating ice; and should the frost continue as severe as it is the navigation will be interrupted.
12th May 1856. Struck on Dimbleton Bank, and at low tide went over on her broadside. Assistance was sent.
13th May 1856. Passengers were landed at Grimsby, and her deck cargo was forwarded to Hull.
14th May 1856. She righted herself at high tide and proceeded to Hull.
15th November 1856. Put into Lowestoft for coals while on voyage from Tonning to London, with a general cargo. Captain George Rivers.
21st May 1857. Due to sail from London for Hull.
1857. Registered by W. Stephen.
9th September 1857. Taken out of Lowestoft dock.
1857. Registered by The North of Europe Steam Navigation Company.
14th November 1857. Arrived at Plymouth having been employed in recovering a submerged cable from Valencia.
July 1859. Sold to J. O. Lever for £3,250.
1860. Registered by J. O. Lever.
1861. Registered by Z. C. Pearson.
1863. Registered by H. T. Baker.
1867. Registered by James Park.
1868. Registered by C. M. Webster.

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