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Built by:Messrs. Read & Page.
Yard No.:
Launched:27th October 1840.
Tonnage:346 48/99
Length:162 feet
Breadth:22 feet 3 inches
Depth:In hold 10 feet 2 inches
Machinery:Two 50hp engines. Manufactured by Messrs. Lloyd & Master, of London and was brought up from London in sections, and was constructed by Messrs. Read & Page.
Decks:Length of deck 185 feet.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steamer.
Official No.:
Other info:Built fotr the Ipswich Steam Navigation Company.
History:March 1840. Laid on the stocks.
13th March 1841. Returned to the Halifax ship-yard to receive her ornaments and outfit.
16th March 1841. Due at Ipswich.
14th April 1841. While a party was being held onboard, a few party members were flushed with wine when a fight broke out and a Mr. Philip Beard was shoved against Mr. Wiggins several times. Mr. Beard felt a sharp instrument penetrating his left arm above the elbow. When the vessel berthed, Mr Wiggins was arrested.
21st June 1841. Arrived at Ipswich from London to pick up passenger to take them to Woodbridge from the Cricket Match.
23rd June 1841. Sails from Ipswich for London.
15th September 1853. Made a trial trip down the Orwell River and out into the North Sea, after she had been thoroughly repaired and overhauled.
16th September 1853. Makes her first trip to London.
24th December 1853. Ceased running between Ipswich to London.
30th May 1856. Taken out of Norwich Dock. On charter to the North of Europe Steam Navigation Company to run between Ipswich and the Danish Coast. Captain Rackham.

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