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Built by:William Simons, Glasgow.
Yard:Jordanvale Yard.
Yard No.:68
Launched:29th December 1853
Length:194 feet 4 inches
Breadth:25 feet 6 inches
Depth:17 feet 9 inches
Machinery:120 hp. 2cyl.
Decks:Spar decked.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steamer. Passenger / Cargo.
Registered:7th May 1854 in London by Wm. S. Andrews.
Official No.:23463
Other info:
History:Built for Wm. S. Andrews.
8th April 1854. Arrived at Lowestoft, Captain Hart, and will undergo alterations to her internal fitments.
8th July 1854. Arrived at Lowestoft, from London, for the purpose of having a new screw-propeller fitted.
12th January 1855. Sailed with a full cargo of tools and materials for the railway at Balaklava. Plus 80 workmen. Captain Andrews, the managing director of the North of Europe Steam Navigation Company, inspected the ship, saw that everything was properly arranged, and having assembled the men, told them that Mr. Peto had come down to assure himself of everything being done that could add to their comforts, and he trusted they were all satisfied. When Captain Andrews had given them some seasonable advice, the men gave three cheers for the Queen, and three for their employers. As the ship was unmoored from the pier, her guns were fired, amid the hearty cheers of the assembled multitude.
December 1856. The reported loss in the papers, we are authorised to say is totally unfounded.
4th December 1856. Arrived at Christiansand with her decks swept clean, due to the bad weather.
1857. Registered by The North of Europe Steam Navigation Company.
16th March 1857. A crew member named Hall fell down the forward hold and fractured two ribs while the vessel was at Lowestoft.
1858. Registered by The Pacific Steam Navigation Company.
1889. Wrecked on the coast of Chile.

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