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Built by:T. D. Marshall.
Yard:South Shields.
Yard No.:
Launched:31st March 1855.
Length:188 feet
Breadth:27 7 inches feet
Depth:16feet 5 inches
Machinery:120 hp. Built by T. D. Marshall, South Shields. 1 Screw.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Passenger Cargo Ship.
Registered:1855 in London by W. S. Andrews.
Official No.:23272
Other info:Designed for 60 1st Class passengers.
History:Built for W. S. Andrews.
2nd December 1856. Intend to leave Tonning and put to sea, leaving part of her cargo behind. There was much ice in the river Eider, and the danger for steamers is considerable. The frost during the night reached 10c. The river is full of floating ice; and should the frost continue as severe as it is the navigation will be interrupted.
9th August 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft, for repairs, from London.
30th August 1857. Sailed from Lowestoft for London after having undergone repairs. Captain Kelt.
3rd September 1857. Entered outwards from London, Captain Barnwell, for the west coast of Africa.
12th September 1857. Sailed from Plymouth, Captain Barnwell, for the West Coast of Africa.
19th September 1857. Arrived at Madeira.
10th October 1857. At Accra going down the coast of Africa.
28th November 1857. Due to arrive at Plymouth from the West Coast of Africa.
1857. Registered by The North of Europe Steam Navigation Company.
5th January 1858. Put into Plymouth very leaky.
7th January 1858. Arrived at Victoria (London) Dock, Captain W. H. Barnwell, from the West Coast of Africa, having several passengers, some shipwrecked mariners from Fernando Po, and a full cargo, consisting of 603 casks of palm oil, 249 bales of cotton, 35 tons of camwood, sundry packages of ivory, and 723 ounces of gold dust.
1858. Registered by John Fleming.
1859. Registered by Stephanos Xenos.
1863. Registered by G. B. Carr.
1865. Registered by J.H. Dickinson.
October 1865. Stranded at Rio Grande. Wrecked.

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