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Built by:T. D. Marshall.
Yard:South Shields.
Yard No.:
Launched:1st January 1855.
Length:188 feet
Breadth:27 feet 8 inches
Depth:16 feet 5 inches
Machinery:120 hp. Built by T. D. Marshall. Re-engined by Humphreys & Pearson, Hull.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steamer. Passenger Cargo Ship. 1 screw.
Registered:1855 in London by W. S. Andrews.
Official No.:5505
Other info:Designed for 60 1st Class passengers.
History:Built for The North of Europe Steam Navigation Company, (W. S. Andrews, manager).
12th March 1855. Due to sail for the Crimes with a quantity of fodder.
20th January 1857. Has been docked at Lowestoft.
27th October 1857. Sustained some derangement of her machinery and was on the beach for repairs at Fernando Po,. Captain Barnwell.
3rd November 1857. On the beach at Fernando Po with her after-pipe broken.
26th November 1857. Sailed from the Nore for Plymouth. Captain Morrison.
27th November 1857. Arrived at Plymouth.
28th November 1857. Sailed from Plymouth for the West Coast of Africa. Captain Morrisson.
22nd December 1857. Sailed from Lagos.

29th December 1857. Sailed from Fernando Po.
1st January 1858. Sailed from Bombay.
10th January 1858. Sailed from Lagos.
16th January 1858. Sailed from Accra.
17th January 1858. Sailed from Cape Coast.
26th January 1858. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
7th February 1858. Sailed from Bathurst and arrived at Teneriffe. Sailed the same day.
10th February 1858. Sailed from Madeira.
17th February 1858. Arrived at Falmouth short of fuel. Passengers - Messrs. Boulton and Johnson, from Teneriffe, plus one box of specie, 50 elephants’ tusks, 54 bales cotton, 416 casks palm oil.
1858. Register by The North of Europe Steam Navigation Company.
1859. Registered to J. O. Lever.
1860. Registered by R. Ford.
26th February 1861. Sold to H. J. Peribach & Co, Hamburg. Renamed ‘Roland’.
1864. Sold to Lawson, Hull. Renamed ‘Hero’.
1865. Sold to H. J. Peribach & Co, Hamburg. Renamed ‘Roland’.
1899. Sold to A. Kirsten, Hamburg.
1904. Sold for breaking up by R. H. Neugebauer at Hamburg.
21st October 1905. Broken up completed.

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