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Built by:Robert Stephenson & Co, Newcastle.
Yard No.:2
Length:185 feet
Breadth:24 feet 6 inches
Depth:14 feet 4 inches
Machinery: Simple steam engine of 80 hp., by Robert Stephenson, Newcastle. 1 boiler. 80 hp. 11 knots.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steamer. Passenger / Cargo Ship.
Registered:13th December 1854 at London by Wm. S. Andrews.
Official No.:18284
Other info:22 Crew - 90 passengers.
History:1855. Sold to The British Royal Navy. Purchased on Stocks... Renamed ‘BRUISER’.
March 1855. Has been converted, by Messrs. Swaine & Bovill, into a complete flour-mill, capable of grinding from 700 to 800 bushels of wheat per day.
1st & 2nd April 1855. The machinery and capabilities as a flour-mill were tested.
19th April 1855. John Cosling was court stealing a pair of boots and an oil-skin from the vessel.
11th May 1855. Arrived at Malta from London.
21st October 1856. Went for sale by Tenders.
1857. Sold to the General Steam Navigation Co., Ltd., London.
29th May 1857. Arrived at London from Newcastle, and sailed back to Newcastle.
19th October 1857. Arrived at London from Newcastle, and sailed again for Newcastle.
1st February 1858. Sailed from London, Captain Green, for Newcastle, with a general cargo and to coal.
7th April 1859. In collision with the ‘Britannia’, which sunk, on the River Tyne. The ‘Bruiser’ sustained little damage and proceeded to Newcastle quay.
8th July 1859. John Smith was caught and charged with stealing a box containing earthenware and other property of Sarah Henderson.
18th August 1866. Sailed from Hull for London.
19th August 1866. Collision with the ‘Haswell’ and sunk.

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