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Built by:C. Mitchell & Co.
Yard:Low Walker.
Yard No.:16
Launched:24th December 1855.
Length:165 feet 7 inches
Breadth:20 feet
Depth:15feet 7 inches
Machinery:Built by R. Morrison, Newcastle. 2 cyl (32 & 32 x 24") 60 nhp.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Cargo Ship. 1 Screw.
Official No.:14504
Other info:
History:1856. Completed for The North of Europe Steam Navigation Company (Bigge & Mitchell managers), Newcastle.
25th February 1857. Called into Falmouth, due to strong winds, and after replenishing the fuel, proceeded for the West Coast of Africa.
26th March 1857. Sailed from Sierra Leone, homeward bound, for Cape Coast.
28th March 1857. Boiler broke down, sailed the ship while the damage was being repaired. Boiler broke down repeatedly until reached Fernando Po.
1st July 1857. Sailed from Fernando Po, for Lagos, after 66 days repairing the boiler, piston, and cylinder of the engine. After 12 hours the boiler broke down. Sailed to Lagos. At Lagos took in some palm oil and cotton and sailed for Badagry, and thence for Ananaboe. Left Ananaboe for Cape Coast and took in a further quantity of palm oil and left for Dirk’s Cove.
26th August 1857. Arrived at Dirk’s Cove, taking in more cargo and sailed for Palmus.
6th September 1857. Arrived at Palmus and landed 50 passengers.
9th September 1857. Sailed from Palmus for Sierra Leone.
5th October 1857. The captain ordered the chief engineer under arrest, in case her condemned the machinery and delayed the ship at Sierra Leone.
6th October 1857. Arrived at Sierra Leone.
7th October 1857. The chief engineer was reinstated due to the second engineer felling ill.
3rd December 1857. Sailed from Sierra Leone after doing necessary repairs to the engine and boiler. The rig of the ship was changed from a three-masted schooner to a barque.
6th January 1858. Lay in Fayal Roads.
17th January 1858. During a severe storm George Turner Porter, second mate, and Samuel Williams, seaman, lowered a boat and went alongside the schooner ‘King Alfred’, which had been driven ashore, and saved all the crew.
29th January 1858. Sailed from Fayal Roads for England.
6th February 1858. One of its boilers bursting and scolding the master, Captain N. R. Sayers, and the chief engineer, Mr. J. Surtees, so frightfully, that both expired within a few hours afterwards. Reached St. Ives that evening where the captain and engineer were buried.
13th February 1858. Arrived at London.
5th March 1858. George Turner Porter and Samuel Williams received a bronze medal for saving the crew of the ‘King Alfred’ at Fayal in January.
1871. Sold to Possochoff, Odessa, renamed ‘Possochoff’.

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