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Built by:T. D. Marshall.
Yard:South Shields.
Yard No.:
Length:160 feet 7 inches
Breadth:22 feet 1 inch
Depth:11 feet 5 inches
Machinery:60 hp. 1 Screw.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steamer. Cargo Ship.
Registered:1855 in London by Wm. S.Andrews.
Official No.:24886
Other info:
History:Built for The North of Europe Steam Navigation Company.
20th June 1855. Arrived at the Royal Dock, Lowestoft, after a run from Hamburg, her first voyage. Captain Childe.
21st June 1855. David Carley, steward, was brought before the magistrates charged with smuggling 1 lb of tobacco, and was fined 11s. 6d. and expenses.
19th October 1855. Went to the help of the brig ‘Emma Toller’ which was on fire.
15th November 1856. William Butcher unlawfully refused to join the ship after he had signed the articles to go on board for a voyage, for Grimsby. In the afternoon the ship sailed without him. Captain Ellis.
24th November 1856. William Butcher, carpenter was at the Court for not joining the ship at Lowestoft. Was committed to 10 days without hard labour.
1857. Registered by The North of Europe Steam Navigation Company.
July 1859. Sold to J. O. Lever for £3,250.
1860. Registered by A. Jackson.
1862. Registered by Jonathan Dorning.
1865. Registered by E. F. Bird.
1872. Registered by J. G. T. Child.
1872. Registered by Alfred Davies.
1872. Registered by Wm. France, Leeds.
1877. Lengthened to 179’ 0”, re-engined and reboilered by Baltic Engineering Works, Hull.
1884. Sold to William R. White, Cardiff.
1890. Sold to T. Corsanego, Genoa. Renamed ‘Unione’.

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