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Built by:Thomas Haw at Stockton-on-Tees.
Yard No.117
Launched:19th April 1802
Tonnage:534 80/94
Length:100' 3"
Breadth:31' 2"
Built of:
Built for:Robert Wigram
Other info:Armament - 16 guns. Crew - 50 men.
History:2nd October 1801. Robert Wigram accepted tender of 14 per ton.
7th July 1802. Sailed from the Downs for Bengal. Captain Thomas Jones.
23rd September 1803. Sailed from St. Helena, Captain Jones.
15th December 1803. Arrived back in London.
9th June 1804. Sailed to Madeira, Coromandel Coast and Bengal. Captain James Dalrymple.
10th December 1805. Arrived back in London.
10th June 1806. Sailed for Madeira, Coromandel Coast and Bengal. Captain Thomas Jones.
21st July 1806. Sailed from Madeira for India.
11th April 1808. Arrived back in London.
17th September 1808. Sailed for Madras and Bengal. Captain Henry Hughes.
7th July 1810. Arrived back in London.
Robert Wigram held 1/16 share 1810 - 1815.
30th May 1811. Sailed from London, Captain J. B. Sotheby, for Bengal.
18th September 1812. Arrived in London.
30th March 1813. Came down the River Thames for Madras and Bengal.
20th April 1813. Sailed for Madeira, Madras and Bengal.
10th August 1814. Arrived in London.
Sold for use as a transport.
1st February 1818. Sail from London, Captain Davy, for Botany Bay, Bengal and Madras.
30th March 1820. Arrived in London.
1820. Sold for breaking up.

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