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Built by:John & William Wells Yard, Deptford.
Yard No.93
Launched:23rd November 1790
Tonnage:1,209 40/94
Length:134' 1"
Breadth:41' 3"
Depth:17' 0"
Built of:
Built for:Robert Wigram
Other info:It was this ship which founded the large fortune for Robert Wigram, and the name 'True Briton' was kept up in the Wigram fleet to the end.
History:Robert Wigram held 10/16 shares and his son, Robert Wigram Jun. held 1/16 share.
3rd February 1791. Sailed from London, Captain Henry Farrer, for the Coromandel Coast and China.
20th May 1792. Arrived back in London.
2nd May 1794. Sailed from London, Captain Henry Farrer, for Bombay and China.
28th December 1795. Arrived in London.
27th June 1796. Sailed from London, Captain Wm. Stanley Clarke, for China.
24th March 1798. Arrived back in London.
2nd April 1799. Sailed from London, Captain Henry Farrer, for the Coromandel Coast and China.
30th September 1800. Arrived back in London.
31st March 1801. Sailed from London, Captain William Stanley Clarke, for the Coromandel Coast and China. After a few days an alarming disease broke out in the ship.
16th July 1801. Arrived at the Cape of Good Hope. 136 soldiers extremely ill, several of the officers and some of the able seamen, unable to quit their hammocks. Landed the sick; all their clothing and bedding were immediately burnt, and new provided. Had the decks washed with soap and water, after which with boiling vinegar. They were then rubbed all over with white lime, and the ship fumigated fore and aft, so she was wholesome again. From the heavy rolling of the ship, she has made a deal of water outward, she was caulked in the waterway seams and upper works.
19th July 1801. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope for Madras.
6th January 1803. Arrived in London.
1804. Owned by Robert Wigram, Jun.
9th June 1804. Sailed from London, Captain Henry Hughes, for China.
13th September 1805. Arrived back in London.
27th August 1806. Robert Wigram Jun. accepted the tender of 18 per ton. Accepted Tenders since the new system of Free and Open competition with the prices per ton, etc. at which they were engaged.
26th February 1807. Sailed from London, Captain Wm. Stanley Clarke, for Bombay and China.
1st July 1808. Arrived back in London.
24th February 1809. Sailed from London, Captain George Bonham, for Bombay and China.
13th October 1809. Parted company from the Bombay ships in the China Seas, and not been heard of since.

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