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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.252
Launched:21st May 1841
Tonnage:852 16/94
Length:152 3/10 feet
Breadth:31 8/10 feet
Depth:22 3/10 feet
Built of:Oak
Type:Blackwall Frigate
Off. Number:
Built for:Green.
Other info:Modelled on the lines of the 'Saringapatam'
History:5th June 1841. Entered Outward from the East India Docks, Commander W. H. Walker, for Calcutta.
24th July 1841. Cleared outward with cargo at Custom House.
26th July 1841. Sailed from Gravesend for Calcutta.
27th July 1841. Passed Deal.
25th July 1842. Sailed from Gravesend for Calcutta.
6th May 1842. At Southampton, Captain Walker.
20th March 1843. Sailed from St. Helena.
6th May 1843. Passed Deal and proceeded for the river from Calcutta.
27th July 1843. Passed Deal for Calcutta. Captain Nisbitt.
10th June 1844. Due to sail from Gravesend, Commander E. P. Nisbet, for the Cape and Calcutta.
10th July 1846. Due to sail from Gravesend, Captain E. P. Nisbet, for the Cape and Calcutta.
20th July 1848. Due to sail for the Coast and Bombay. Captain W. H. Pare.
15th July 1851. Due to sail for the Cape and Calcutta. Captain C. Hyne.
1st July 1852. Due to sail for the Cape and Calcutta. Captain C. Hyne.
7th May 1853. Passed Deal proceeding for the River Thames, from Calcutta.
1st July 1853. Due to sail for the Cape and Calcutta. Captain C. Hyne.
15th July 1854. Due to sail to the Cape and Calcutta. Captain C. Hyne.
31st January 1857. Sailed from Gravesend for Geelong.
June/July 1858. Sailed for Port Phillip direct. Captain G. Tickell.
20th November 1858. Arrived at Queenstown, from Melbourne, to pick up fresh provisions.
24th November 1858. Sailed from Queenstown for London.
1st December 1858. Off Deal with 70,000 ounces of gold on board, equal to about £300,000, heading for the Thames.
3rd February 1859. Sailed from Gravesend for Melbourne direct. Captain G. Tickell.
20th September 1859. Off the port of Falmouth from Melbourne.
1860. Sailed to Melbourne with 70 passengers. Captain G. Tickell.
18th May 1860. Sailed from Sydney with 43,608 ox of gold.
5th October 1861. Due to sail for Melbourne direct. Captain G. Tickell.
6th October 1861. Left East India Dock, Captain George Tickell, in tow of the steam tug 'Robert Bruce' and anchored at Gravesend.
7th October 1861. At anchor off Gravesend. Employed in taking in livestock and preparing for sea. The captain and passengers came on board, and at noon the surgeon inspected the ship.
8th October 1861. The anchor was hove up and the vessel was taken in tow by the ‘Scotia’, and in a few hours had to anchor at Lower Hope owing to thick fog.
9th October 1861. Proceeded again but only to anchor in Margate Roads due to a heavy thunderstorm.
11th October 1861. Proceeded on her voyage.
13th October 1861. Anchored in Plymouth Sound.
16th October 1861. Sailed from Plymouth.
31st October 1861. Exchanged signals with the ‘Great Britain’, bound for Melbourne.
17th November 1861. Crossed the Line.
16th January 1862. Anchored in Hobson’s Bay.
18th March 1862. Passed through Port Phillip Heads.
17th April 1862. Past icebergs.
22nd April 1862. Rounded Cape Horn.
1st May 1862. Midshipman Reynolds fell overboard in 44S · 49W. The time was 7.30 a.m. and he was picked up just before noon the same day.
26th May 1862. Crossed the Line.
1st July 1862. Lizard sighted, and arrived at Plymouth with 32,000 oz of gold.
3rd July 1862. Arrived in the East India Dock, London.
1862. Was doubled with 2½ inch red pine, which was copper fastened and tree-nailed throughout, and was sheathed with 33 and 36oz metal to the height of 18½ feet.
5th September 1862. Due to sail for Melbourne direct. Captain G. Tickell.
4th February 1863. Sailed from Melbourne for London.
14th May 1863. Off Fayal.
30th May 1863. Landed a small mail and some passengers at Penzance.
31st May 1863. Arrived at Plymouth, Captain W. J. O. Symonds, with 24,952 ounces of gold and a full cargo of wool (1200 bales), tallow, and leather, with 13 chief cabin and 95 second and third class passengers.
February 1865. Had new Main and Forecastle Deck laid.
7th December 1865. Lying in the Floating Harbour, Bristol to be sold by auction.

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