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Built by:Wigram, Perry, Wells & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.140
Launched:2nd May 1809
Tonnage:1,760 93/94
Length:Length of Gun-Deck 176 feet, 3 inches; keel, 144 feet, 11 inches.
Breadth:47 feet 9½ inches
Depth:18' 3"
Built of:Wooden
Type:3rd Rate - Armada Class
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Armament = 74 guns.
Cost £58,971 + £43 extra.
Crew 600
History:June 1809. Commanded by Robert Waller Otway.
1810. Commissioned.
15th July 1810. Joined the blockading squadron off Toulon, where she exchanged shots with her French namesake.
13th December 1810. She was knocked about a good deal in a cutting out expedition at Palamos.
25th March 1811. Captured the French twenty gun ‘Dromadaire’ of 800 tons, loaded with shot and shell for Corfu.
April 1811. Commanded by James Brisbane.
October 1811. Commanded by Sir Robert Laurie.
18th August 1812, At Palermo.
16th February 1813. With the ‘Edinburgh, captured the vessel ‘Playmate’.
June 1813. Commanded by Robert Waller Otway.
8th August 1813. Sailed from Plymouth to join the Channel Fleet.
31st October 1813. Arrived at Plymouth with a French chasse-maree as a prize.
15th February 1814. Arrived at Plymouth from a cruise.
26th February 1814. Sailed from Plymouth for a cruise.
21st March 1814. Arrived at Plymouth the French brig ‘Halcyon’, of 18 guns and 126 men, out a few hours from St. Maloes, having been taken by the ‘Ajax’.
7th July 1814. Spoken with in lat. 46, with 16 transports, having troops on board from Bourdeaux.
23rd August 1814. Reported to be en route for Quebec, with troops from Bourdeaux; at anchor at Bick, waiting for a fair wind to proceed up the river St. Lawrence.
18th September 1814. Arrived at Plymouth from Quebec, with a convoy of transports from Bourdeaux.
6th October 1814. Arrived at Portsmouth from Plymouth.
October 1814. Commanded by George Mundy.
3rd November 1814. Undergone a survey at Portsmouth, and is to be refitted for service.
3rd April 1815. Spoken with off the Lizard.
July 1830. Portsmouth.
7th February 1835. To be inspected whilst in ordinary.
January 1840. Out of commission at Portsmouth.
28th October 1845. Alongside the jetty at Portsmouth. Workmen are engaged in removing the housing over her, and preparing her for cutting down to a blockship for that port.
29th October 1845. Was docked yesterday to have her copper stripped off and to be cut down.
5th November 1845. Was undocked at Portsmouth, having had her copper stripped off, ballast removed, and some of her bulkheads taken out, She will be towed to Cowes in a day or two for conversion to a blockship, by Mr. White.
17th November 1845. Was towed to Cowes by the ‘Echo’ steam-tug.
23rd September 1846. Was towed up to Portsmouth from Cowes by the ‘Echo’ steam tug, in charge of Mr. Flynn, master of the ‘Victory’.
25th September 1846. Was docked complete for service.
28th September 1848. Converted to screw by Thomas & John White, Cowes. 60 guns. Blenheim class.
October 1848. Trials following the ship’s conversion from sail to steam.
20th December 1848. Steam Guard ship at Portsmouth; reduced to 56 guns.
29th April 1850. Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off at Plymouth) by Captain Michael Quin.
22nd July 1850. Balance of Prize Monies paid for the capture of ‘Playmate’ in 1813.
6th April 1851. Sent boats to Roches Bay to the rescue of the emigrant ship ‘Favourite’.
14th May 1851. Arrived at Spithead from Queenstown. Crew will be paid and the ship will undergo refit.
25th May 1851. Manned for Royalty at Portsmouth.
30th August 1851. At Cork.
10th September 1853. Commanded by Captain Frederick Warden, Portsmouth.
11th March 1854. Sailed from Spithead with the fleet for the Baltic.
15th April 1854. Captured Russian brig ‘Patrioten’.
16th April 1854. Captured Russian merchant vessel ‘Victor’.
28th July 1854. Went down the channel between Lumpar and Ango Islands.
11th August 1854. Guns were landed and sent up to the British battery near Bomarsund.
16th August 1854. Bombardment and capture of Bomarsund.
23rd April 1856. Present at Fleet Review, Spithead.
25th August 1856. Commanded by Captain Robert Spencer Robinson, Superintendent of the steam reserve, Devonport.
20th July 1857. Prize monies paid for the capture of Patrioten’ and ‘Victor’.
1st February 1858. Commanded by Captain John NcNeill Boyd, Coast Guard, Kingstown.
21st July 1860. Sailed from Portland for a cruise in the channel.
11th February 1861. Captain Boyd and 14 of the crew were drowned while trying to save the crew of a vessel which had gone ashore at the back of the pier at Kingstown. A wave swept them all into the sea.
18th February 1861. Commanded by Captain Edmund Heathcote, Coast Guard, Kingstown.
12th March 1862. Commanded by Captain Michael De Courcy, Coast Guard, Kingstown.
1864. Broken up.

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