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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.224
Launched:14th July 1836
Tonnage:250 2/94
Length:94 feet
Breadth:21 . 4 feet
Depth:8' 0"
Decks:One and a half decks. A square stern and a bust figure-head of her namesake.
Built of:
Off. Number:
Built for:Captain William O. Young, who sold 16 shares to Francis Gunnis and Henry Crighton of London, and 16 shares to the Calcutta merchants. Levington, Syers & Co.
Other info:Opium clipper.
History:Capsized into the river while launching.
9th December 1837. Left Lintin.
30th December 1837. Arrived at Calcutta.
15th April 1838. Left China, Captain Christie.
11th May 1838. Passed Singapore.
2nd June 1838. Arrived Calcutta.
16th June 1838. Sailed from Calcutta.
18th June 1838. Dropped the pilot off.
18th July 1838. Sailed from Singapore.
July 1838. Sailed from Singapore and was never seen again.
A ship reported seeing the topgallant masts of a foundered vessel a little to the Eastward of the Paracels, and it was generally concluded that these belonged to the unfortunate 'Antonio Pereira'. It is probable that the brig's captain risked cutting through the Paracels and got caught on a reef.
19th October 1838. Elliot to J.M. & Co as agents of the Canton Insurance Office.
HMS ‘Larne’ has completed a search of the Paracels, Indo-Chinese coast and Hainan in nine weeks without finding any trace if the missing brig ‘Antonio Pereira’ that you insured.
Captain Young, former commander of the ‘Antonio Pereira’, assisted in the search. HMS ‘Larne’ was unable to definitively search the Bombay shoal. Sgd Elliot, Chief Superintendent.

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