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Built by:Wells, Wigram & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.149
Launched:8th July 1811
Tonnage:1,760 93/94
Length:176 feet
Breadth:48 feet 6 inches
Depth:17' 6"
Built of:Wooden
Type:3rd Rate
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Armament 74 guns.
Cost £58,329 + £519 extra.
History:8th September 1812. Arrived at Deal from off Flushing.
30th September 1812. Arrived at Deal from off North Foreland.
2nd October 1812. Arrived at Portsmouth from the Downs.
8th November 1812. Sailed from Portsmouth for to join the fleet off Brest.
1st December 1812. Came to anchor at Plymouth and sailed again in the evening.
2nd May 1813. Sailed from Portsmouth for St. Helen’s.
4th September 1813. Arrived at Portsmouth from the Western Isles.
26th October 1813. Arrived at Cork from Portsmouth with a small convoy, to join the main convoy which is expected to sail for the West Indies. Sailed that night for Jamaica.
31st January 1814. Sailed from Jamaica with a convoy for Havannah, Bermuda and England.
December 1826. Reduced to 50 guns.
6th January 1827. Is shortly expected at Spithead, from Woolwich, where she has been fitted out as the flag ship for the West Indies.
9th May 1828. Sailed from Crooked Island for Jamaica via Turk’s Island.
17th July 1828. Was daily expected at Nassau, New Providence from Barbados.
31st October 1828. At Bermuda.
14th February 1829. At Carlisle Bay, Barbadoes.
3rd March 1829. Off Point a Pitre, Guadaloupe.
5th March 1829. Off Martinique.
13th March 1829. At Trinidad. Flag ship in the West Indies.
29th April 1829. Went aground on Great Bornair. Removed her guns and other heavy and unnecessary materials and it is hoped to refloat her.
5th May 1829. Refloated and making little water, but will need to be hove down to make repairs.
June 1829. Difficulty experienced in getting her hove down in order to carry out the necessary repairs, but lacking the necessary equipment for a vessel of her size.
17th February 1830. Daily expected at Barbadoes.
26th June 1830. Arrived at Portsmouth from the West Indies.
20th July 1830. Sailed from Portsmouth for Woolwich.
9th March 1831. Commanded by Captain Hugh Pigot.
4th September 1831. Sailed from Portsmouth on a cruise.
24th September 1831. Arrived at Cork.
1st October 1831. Sailed from Portsmouth for the Downs.
5th October 1832. At Malta as flag ship.
8th June 1833. At Malta awaiting the arrival of the Flag Officer.
6th August 1833. Sailed from the Dardanelles for Napoli.
23rd November 1833. Refitting at Malta.
18th February 1834. In harbor at Valletta, Malta.
5th March 1834. Reported to be on the coast of Spain.
23rd March 1834. Sailed from Malta.
3rd April 1834. Sailed from Gibraltar.
19th April 1834. Arrived at Portsmouth.
4th October 1834. To be fitted out at Portsmouth for experimental cruises.
4th April 1835. Commanded by Captain Armar Lowry.
27th June 1835. At Spithead, where the ship’s company were paid an advance of wages.
22nd August 1835. Arrived at Malta.
25th August 1835. Sailed for Constantinople.
23rd October 1835. Arrived at Corfu from Malta.
14th December 1835. Arrived at Malta from a cruise and sailing trials with the ‘Vernon’ and ‘Revenge’.
7th March 1836. In Valetta harbor preparing for the Spring/Summer cruise.
20th May 1836. Sailed from Malta for Constantinople.
23rd August 1837. While at Malta there were some skirmishes with the forces fighting against the Queen of Spain.
9th January 1839. At Malta.
26th January 1839. Sailed from Malta for England. 13th February 1839. Arrived at Gibraltar. 20th March 1839. Arrived at Portsmouth then sailed to Chatham to be paid off. September 1840. Out of commission at Sheerness. Broken up.

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