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Built by:Wigram, Perry, Wells & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.141
Launched:11th September 1809
Tonnage:1,760 93/94
Length:176 feet
Breadth:48 feet
Depth:17' 11"
Built of:
Type:3rd Rate - Vengeur Class
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Ordered 1st July 1807 - Laid down October 1807.
Armament = 74 guns. – Gundeck 28 x 32 pdrs – Upper gundeck 28 x 18 pdrs – Quarterdeck 4 x 12 pdrs, 10 x 32 pdrs carronades – Forecastle 2 x 12 pdrs, 2 x 32 pdrs carronades – Poop deck 6 x 18 pdr carronades.
Cost £58,974 + £47 extra.
History:8th April 1810. At Portsmouth ready to proceed to sea.
20th January 1811. Sailed for a cruise off Cherbourg.
1st February 1811. Arrived at Falmouth from a cruise off Cherbourg.
7th February 1811. Arrived at Portsmouth.
14th March 1811. Arrived at Portsmouth from off Cherbourg.
24th March 1811. Chased the new French 44 gun frigate 'Amazone' into shoal water in the Channel, where she was fired by her own crew.
2nd April 1811. Arrived at Spithead.
26th September 1811. Arrived at Deal from off Flushing.
17th November 1811. Sailed from Portsmouth for the Mediterranean.
18th August 1812. With the fleet off Toulon.
16th May 1813. Did reconnaissance off the French coast and did a good deal of damage by either captured or destroyed 22 vessels belonging to a convoy waiting in Cavalarie road.
12th February 1814. Was part of the fleet off Toulon which chased a French squadron into that port.
24th June 1814. At Genoa.
3rd July 1814. At Malta.
7th September 1814. Arrived at Portsmouth from the Mediterranean, and put under quarantine.
12th September 1814. Released from quarantine.
19th October 1814. In Portsmouth dock.
9th July 1816. Fitted as a temporary flag ship at Plymouth for the port in the absence of the ‘Impregnable’.
March 1821. Broken up.

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