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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.211
Launched:28th December 1833
Tonnage:598 10/94
Length:132' 5"
Breadth:32' 7"
Depth:10' 9"
Built of:
Type:East Indiaman
Off. Number:
Built for:Green & Co.
Other info:
History:29th December 1833. On Saturday the ‘Carnatic, East Indiaman, was launched at Blackwall. The ship having been, with the customary ceremony, named the ‘Carnatic’ by Mrs. Colonel Scott, the sheers were knocked away, and she glided into the water amidst the cheers of the surrounding company.
10th March 1834. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Biles, for Bombay.
31st May 1834. Spoken to from London to Bombay in lat. 27 South, long 52 East.
25th August 1834. Sailed from Bengal for Mauritius.
30th October 1834. Arrived at Mauritius from Bengal.
10th May 1835. Arrived at Deal, Captain Byles, from Bombay.
16th May 1835. In the Downs, Captain Biles.
16th May 1836. Off Weymouth, Captain John Brodie, from Bombay.
21st May 1836. Arrived at Gravesend from Bombay.
6th June 1836. Sailed from Mauritius for Bombay.
31st July 1836. Sailed from Bombay for China.
9th August 1836. Sailed from Bombay.
25th October 1836. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope, Captain Brodie, for Bombay.
2nd February 1837. Sailed from Bombay.
6th April 1837. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope.
11th June 1837. Arrived at Deal from Bombay.
12th June 1837. Arrived in the Downs.
1st August 1837. Sailed from Gravesend, Captain John Brodie.
10th August 1837. Sailed from Portsmouth for Bombay.
19th October 1837. Arrived at the Cape of Good Hope from Portsmouth.
18th April 1838. Sailed from Mauritius for London.
3rd July 1838. Loading for the Cape of Good Hope.
9th August 1838. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope for Bombay.
December 1838. Loading at Bombay.
16th December 1838. Sailed from Bombay for China.
14th September 1839. Arrived at Madras from London.
23rd January 1840. Sailed from Madras, Captain Voss, for London.
15th May 1840. Arrived in London from Madras.
1st July 1840. Sailed from Gravesend for Calcutta’, Commander E. Voss.
12th July 1840. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Voss, for Calcutta.
27th December 1840. Sailed from Calcutta.
1st January 1841. Sailed from Saugor.
4th March 1841. Sailed from St. Helena.
17th April 1841. Off Plymouth.
23rd June 1841. Loading at London.
19th July 1841. While at sea Lady of Captain M. G. Sparks, 49th Foot, gave birth of a son and heir.
1st September 1841. Sailed from Bombay.
9th September 1842. A few regiments marched from Chatham to Gravesend, to embark the ship so as to join their respective regiments in Bombay.
25th September 1842. Sailed from Gravesend, Captain B. Voss, for Bombay. Owned by Green.
23rd December 1842. Sailed from Gravesend for Madras.
30th January 1843. Sailed from the Downs for Madras.
7th February 1843. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope for Madras.
4th May 1843. Arrived at Madras.
22nd June 1843. Sailed from London for Madras.
27th July 1843. Passed Gravesend from Bombay.
26th August 1843. Sailed from The Downs, Captain Hyne.
20th December 1843. Arrived at Bombay from London.
22nd December 1843. Arrived at Madras from Mauritius.
23rd April 1844. Captain James Drayner, of London, died at Madras of apoplexy.
2nd May 1844. Sailed from Madras for London.
8th June 1844. Arrived at Deal from Bombay.
3rd July 1844. John Lund, of Newgate Street, a midshipman on board was in Court for Insolvent Debtor’s Petition.
15th August 1844. Sailed from Gravesend for Bombay.
30th November 1844. Commander Lewis Morice.
30th April 1845. Sailed from Bombay, Captain Morice, for Calcutta with passengers for Madras :- Mr. Hall, Mr. G. W. Hogg, Mr. Fagan, Mr. W. W. Wetherspoon, Mr. A. Child. For Calcutta :- Mr. C. Innes, Mr. S. W. Lindsey, Mr. J. Woodlow, Mr. C.B. Gundry, Mr. E. Nemchard, Mr. J. Craige, 1 ayah, 2 European servants, and 3 grooms.
3rd August 1845. The tender of the ship ‘Westmoreland’, for the conveyance of troops to Bombay, having been relinquished, the ‘Carnatic’ has been engaged by the Court of Directors for that purpose.
16th August 1845. Sailed from Gravesend, Captain C. Hyne, and passed Deal, for Bombay.
18th October 1845. Arrived at the Cape of Good Hope from London.
30th January 1846. Sailed from Madras, Captain Taylor, for London.
30th January 1846. Sailed from Calcutta for London.
9th June 1846. Arrived at Deal from Bombay.
25th August 1846. Due to sail from Gravesend for the Cape and Bombay.
30th October 1846. Sailed from Gravesend for Madras.
1st January 1847. Sailed from Portsmouth for Madras.
22nd April 1847. Arrived at Madras, Captain Hyne, from London.
21st October 1847. Arrived in London, Captain Hyne, from Calcutta.
9th April 1848. Sailed from Gravesend for Madras.
23rd April 1848. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Hyne, for Madras.
18th August 1848. Sailed from Bombay, Captain Hyne, for London.
5th December 1848. Arrived at St. Helena, Captain Hyne, from Madras.
24th January 1849. Arrived in London from Madras, Bimlipatam, Pondicherry, Cuddalau, and the Cape of Good Hope, respectively, has brought from the first-mentioned place 167 boxes of rupees, consigned to the East India Company; and from the Cape, four boxes of specie, consigned to order.
February 1849. Brought from Madras 167 boxes of rupees addressed and consigned to the East India Company, and from the Cape of Good Hope 4 boxes of specic consigned to order.
19th March 1849. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Nelson, for Mauritius and Madras.
25th June 1849. Midshipman Lewin, fell overboard, having missed his footing in going up the rigging. The boat was lowered in two minutes from the time the accident occurred, and Captain Nelson used every effort to save the life of the ill-fated boy, but without success, as he was never seen to rise to the surface. It was his first voyage.
26th July 1849. Arrived at Madras, Captain Nelson.
31st December 1849. Arrived in London, Captain Nelson, from Madras.
21st April 1850. Sailed from Gravesend for Calcutta.
22nd April 1850. Sailed from the Downs, Captain Nelson, for Mauritius and Madras.
28th July 1850. Arrived at Madras from London.
16th October 1850. Arrived at Point-de-Galle, Captain Nelson.
18th October 1850. Sailed from Point-de-Galle for Calcutta.
28th October 1850. Arrived at Bengal, Captain Nelson, from Madras.
16th September 1851. Sailed from Gravesend for Bombay.
15th March 1852. Sailed from Bombay, Captain Consitt, for the Cape of Good Hope.
6th August 1852. Arrived off Deal from Bombay.
8th August 1852. Arrived at Gravesend from Bombay.
13th October 1852. Spoken to while on route London to Sydney at lat 1S. Long 22W.
15th September 1852. Moored at Gravesend. The ship selected for the conveyance of the Society for the Promotion of Female Emigration to the country of their adoption, Australia. The ship is a large vessel of 1,100 tons burden, belonging to the Indian fleet of Messrs. Green, of Blackwall.
16th September 1852. Sailed from Gravesend for Sydney.
21st September 1852. Sailed from Plymouth, Captain W. H. Pope, for Melbourne.
26th December 1852. Arrived at Melbourne, Australia.
1st January 1853. Arrived at Sydney.
3rd February 1853. Edward Wacklin, a seaman belonging to the ship was found that night by Acting Inspector Cowell stowed away on board the brig ‘Moa’, pleaded guilty to the charge of desertion, and was sentenced to be imprisoned for ten weeks.
28th February 1853. Sailed from Sydney, and 16,672 ounces of gold.
5th April 1853. John Cox, 41, of Warrangout, Port Fairy, N.S.W., died on board off Cape Horn on his passage to England.
21st June 1853. Arrived off Falmouth.
25th June 1853. Passed Deal from Sydney for London.
23rd August 1853. Sailed from Gravesend for New Zealand.
30th August 1853. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Smart, for New Zealand.
7th October 1853. From London to New Zealand in lat. 2.25N., long 20.34W., exchanged signals with the Dutch bark ‘Hendrick Hudson’.
December 1853. Arrived in Sydney.
3rd March 1853. Sailed from Sydney with gold, wool, and oil, for London.
18th January 1854. Mr. Morris, a midshipman, was drowned during a squall in Lyttelton Harbour, N.Z.
7th April 1854. Sailed from Canterbury for London.
5th August 1855. Due to sail. The ship next on the berth at London for Auckland, is the ‘Carnatic’, of 632 tons register, Captain Smart, built by the Messrs. Green, of Blackwall and chartered by Messrs. Young and Co.
25th August 1855. Sailed from London for New Zealand.
1st September 1855. Sailed from London, Captain Smith, for Auckland and New Plymouth, New Zealand.
3rd September 1855. Sailed from Gravesend for New Zealand.
4th September 1855. Passed Deal for New Zealand.
8th December 1855. Spoken to abreast of Portland Bay, from London with emigrants bound for Auckland, New Zealand.
27th December 1855. Arrived in Auckland.
28th February 1856. Sailed for London, Captain Pope, from Sydney.
14th November 1856. Mary Clare, of fifteen months old died on passage, from inflammation of the brain.
22nd December 1856. Mary Mellsop, eleven years old, died of consumption.
28th December 1856. Arrived at Auckland, Captain Smith, from London. Plus the detachment of the Royal Artillery, burnt out of the ‘Polar Star’, consisting of one sergeant, one corporal, and twenty-seven gunners, has also arrived in this vessel, which brings two tons of gunpowder, a quantity of shot, shells, and other Government stores.
9th January 1857. Sailed from Gravesend for Adelaide.
24th January 1857. Sailed from Plymouth for Adelaide.
14th February 1857. Spoken to by the ‘Sabrina’ at lat 1” 53’N, long 21” 0’ for Adelaide.
28th April 1857. Arrived at Port Adelaide with 287 emigrants.
15th May 1857. Richard Tacker, carpenter, sent to jail for two months for desertion.
November 1857. At Mauritius, due to a storm, the ‘Carnatic’, partly laden with sugar, was drifted on shore at Port Louis, Mauritius, and will have to discharge part of her cargo.
December 1857. Sailed from Mauritius.
1st April 1858. Arrived in London from Mauritius.
7th March 1861. Sailed from Gravesend, Captain McNeil, for Sydney.
9th March 1861. Passed Deal for Adelaide.
20th July 1861. Arrived at Adelaide. Captain Aldings, from London.
1867/8. Not listed in Lloyds.

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