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Built by:Wigram's & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.187
Launched:6th December 1823
Tonnage:234 3/94
Length:119 feet 6 inches
Breadth:19 feet 8 inches
Depth:9 feet 1 1/2 inches
Machinery:80 hp. Paddle wheels dia 14 feet. 2.14 lb steam power.
Built of:Wood
Type:Paddle-Wheel steamer.
Off. Number:
Built for:Post Office
Other info:Cost including outfitting £13,614.
History:15th February 1824. Arrived at Dover. The two Milford packets, the ‘Harlequin’ and ‘Cinderella’, came into the Roads and went away over to Calais Roads, and from thence to Boulogne, to try which was the fastest sailing vessel. The vessels were very fine ones, and appeared to go very fast.
April 1824. On the Milford station.
June 1824. Moved to the Holyhead station.
1824. Commandeered by Captain Wadling.
1826. In two years the expenditure on repairs and wear on the engine was only £584 . 12s . 3d.
18th October 1826. Stationed at Holyhead and commandeered by Captain Stevens, R.N.
1837. Transferred to Royal Navy. Renamed 'Cuckoo'.
January 1840. In commission at Weymouth.
29th March 1840. To be completely fitted out.
21st July 1840. Guard ship stationed at Portsmouth.
11th August 1840. Sailed from Woolwich for Portsmouth and Weymouth.
2nd January 1841. Arrived at Portsmouth.
4th January 1841. Sailed for Weymouth.
3rd September 1841. Commanded by Lieutenant commander Abraham Parks at Weymouth.
April 1842. Attached to the Packet Station at Weymouth.
28th May 1845. Commanded by Lieutenant commander Abraham Parks at Sheerness.
17th December 1847. Commanded by Commander Henry Dumaresq at Portsmouth.
20th December 1848. At Portsmouth.
25th June 1850. Commanded by Commander Nicholas Lefebvre at Portsmouth.
30th August 1851. At the Channel Islands.
2nd May 1854. Commanded by Lieutenant commander Augustus George Ernest Murray in the Baltic during the Russian War as a gunboat. Armament 1 x 6 pounder.
27th June 1854. Detained Russian ship-of-war ‘Vengeur’.
23rd April 1856. Present at Fleet Review, Spithead; Lieutenant Murray.
1861. Used as a tug.
Oct 1864. Sold at Devonport.

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