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Built by:Wigram's & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.182
Launched:31st March 1821
Tonnage:401 30/94
Length:134.9 feet
Breadth:25.10 feet
Depth:6' 2"
Machinery:40hp. Boulton & Watt engines. 80 nominal horse-power. Her wheels were on the second motion from the engine, 18 feet diameter, 8 feet wide, each with sixteen floats of 2 feet breadth. Blow-out pipes, brine pumps, and bilge injection are said to have been first applied in this vessel.
Built of:Wood
Type:Paddle Steamer.
Built for:Leith Steam Packet Company.
Other info:
History:The first steamer to be built at the yard.
Constructed specifically for the long open sea passage between London and Leith.
Sold to the London & Edinburgh Steam Navigation Co.
26th July 1821. Sailed from Leith for London.
23rd August 1821. Sailed from Leith, Captain Beatson, for London with passengers.
26th August 1821. Arrived at London.
3rd September 1821. Arrived at Newhaven in the morning.
4th October 1821. Arrived at Leith from London.
13th August 1822. The large quantity of poultry landed on Saturday belonged to a London poulterer, who brought them down in expectation of supplying His Majesty’s table; that honor, however, is reserved for the poulterers of Edinburgh, who are to provide the Royal establishment with the articles of their trade.
1824. Sold to General Steam Navigation Company Ltd.
12th July 1824. At Leith, the ‘Tourist’ and the ‘City of Edinbough’ steam packets landed about 270 passengers, and sailed the same evening for London.
20th August 1830. Called into Shields while from London to Edinburgh, put into the herbour short of coals; got foul of a brig, and received considerable damage.
26th February 1832. Arrived at Cork from Dublin.
14th August 1832. Arived at Lisbon at 6 a.m.
23rd February 1834. Arrived at Cadiz.
19th September 1834. Arrived at Lisbon, and left on the 19th.
27th September 1834. Passed Dover, Captain Sharp, from Lisbon, for the Thames.
(1834-1845) Chartered by the Spanish Government, from Willcox & Anderson, renamed 'REYNA GOVERNADORA'(2) to replace 'Reyna Governadora'(1).
Armament during this time was 4-18pdrs and 2-32pdr carronaders.
Used to transport the British Legion sent to Spain to fight the Carlists.
7th May 1841. Sailed from Gravesend for Ostend.
13th May 1841. Arrived at Gravesend from Ostend.
1st June 1841. Arrived at Gravesend from Ostend.
7th March 1842. wrecked in Ostend.

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