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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.248
Launched:15th July 1840
Tonnage:286 6/10
Length:115 4/10
Breadth:23 2/10
Decks:Two - Three masts.
Built of:Wood
Type:Barque Rig - Female Figurehead.
Registered:5th September 1846 No. 51 in London.
28th June 1852 No 211 (390 2/10) in London.
Off. Number:
Built for:Hudson Bay Co.
Other info:
History:24th August 1840. Sailed from the Downs, Captain William Brotchie.
5th February 1841. Entered the Columbia River.
6th March 1841. Arrived at Fort Vancouver.
3rd December 1841 to 27th April 1842. On the coast she delivered goods to the Russian American Company.
16th November 1842. Sailed for London, Captain William Henry McNeill.
9th May 1843. Arrived at London.
23rd September 1843. Sailed for the Northwest Coast of America.
24th March 1844. Arrived at Fort Victoria.
18th December 1845. Sailed from the Northwest Coast of America.
27th June 1846. Arrived at London.
8th October 1846. Sailed for the Northwest Coast of America, Captain J. A. Weynton.
21st March 1847. Arrived at Fort Victoria.
24th March 1847. Arrived at Fort Vancouver.
7th December 1848. Sailed for London.
19th May 1849. Arrived at London.
4th August 1849. Sailed from London, Captain Weynton, for Fort Victoria on the Northwest Coast of America.
12th March 1850. Arrived at Fort Victoria after a delay when the crew deserted in Honolulu.
10th July 1850. Sailed for London.
10th July 1850. Arrived at London.
1852. Sold for 3,250. Owned by John Wilson & Benjamin Cooke 32/64 & Elhanar Bicknell & Henry Rains (Master) 32/64.

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