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Built by:T. & W. Smith at Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Yard No.
Launched:3rd June 1828
Tonnage:417 7/94
Length:133' 8"
Breadth:28' 10"
Built of:Timber hulled
Type:Bluff-bowed, broad-bellied, stern-galleried, carved and embellished ship.
Off. Number:
Built for:Wigram's & Green.
Other info:
History:15th October 1832. To sail, Captain James Petrie, for Bombay.
2nd January 1834. Lying in the East India Export Dock, Captain James Petrie, due to sail for Bombay.
1836 to 1837. London to Sydney.
12th April 1838. Sailed from London, Captain Thomson.
28th July 1838. Arrived at Holdfast Bay, Adelaide, South Australia, after touched at St. Jago and Kingscote, with 84 passengers, Mr. And Mrs. Wilson; Mr. A. Wilson and four children; Mr. And Mrs. Edmonds; Mr. And Mrs. Dehom; Mr. And Mrs. Duthie and two children; Messrs. Biddulph, E. Holthouse, Scott, Sandal, and Philcox, cabin passengers; eight intermediate, and sixty-four steerage emigrants. She also a brought a dredge-boat.
3rd August 1838. The dredge-boat for the purpose of deepening the mouth of the harbour of Adelaide, has arrived and they hope that a steam tug will so follow on.
5th October 1839. Sailed from Plymouth, Captain James Thomson, for Wellington.
8th February 1840. Arrived at Wellington. Being one of the first fleet of immigrant ships to Wellington.
1st August 1841. Sailed from London for Cork.
1st September 1841. Sailed from Cork for Sydney with 105 male and 142 female passengers.
10th January 1842. Arrived at Sydney.
7th May 1843. Sailed from England, Captain Collard, for Hobart, with Francis Russell Nixon, the first Bishop of Tasmania, his wife and family, the Archdeacon Fitzherbert Marriott, together with six other cabin passengers including John Helder Wedge and the future squatter Henry Godfrey.
21st July 1843. Arrived at Hobart via Trinidad, Ascension Island, Cape Colony.
January 1844. Sailed from Hobart for England.
5th June 1844. Arrived at Gravesend from Hobart.
31st October 1846. Sailed from Gravesend for Port Phillip.
7th March 1847. Arrived at Port Phillip.
16th August 1851. Sailed from Amoy.
8th November 1851. Arrived at Moreton Bay, Captain E. Kirsopp, having touched at the Island of Ascension, with 227 Chinese labourers.
26th November 1851. Sailed for Sydney with passengers Mrs. Swift, Miss Douglass, Mrs. Gray, Mr. Coxen, Mr. Issac, Mr. McDonald and Mr. R. Moore.
The fate of the ship is unknown.

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