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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.209
Launched:22nd May 1833
Tonnage:399 67/94
Depth:19' 8"
Built of:
Type:Whaler. Brig.
Off. Number:
Built for:Green, Wigram's & Green.
Other info:
History:9th August 1825. Spoken to – crew sickly.
18th August 1825. At St. Helena.
22nd September 1825. Arrived in Simon’s Bay, Commanded by Midshipman Vier, from Delagoa Bay, bound for London. She was on a whaling voyage, and put into Delagoa Bay, where the master and all the crew, except two, died. The Portuguese Governor seized her, but she was claimed and taken possession of by His Majesty’s ship ‘Severn’.
17th December 1825. Arrived at Portsmouth with the ‘Severn’ from Delagoa Bay having been taken from the Portuguese, who, because all the crew, except two seamen, had died, deemed her a good prize.

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