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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.234
Launched:26th May 1838
Tonnage:852 10/94
Length:170 feet
Breadth:36 feet
Depth:10' 6"
Machinery:32 hp. Built by Seaward & Capel, Canal Ironworks, Limehouse.
Decks:Poop 55 feet long and seven feet high, and her gun deck was also seven feet high, 15 ports larboard and starboard.
Built of:
Off. Number:
Built for:Mr. Richard Green.
Other info:Initially had paddle wheels. These were later removed when it was found that they were not adequate for the long journey to the East.
History:Launched by Mrs Yorke at 3 o'clock.
26th July 1838. Due to sail from Gravesend, Captain A. Henning, R.N. (late of the ‘Windsor’) for Calcutta.
1st August 1838. Due to sail from Portsmouth for Calcutta.
24th January 1839. Arrived at Bengal, Captain Henning, from the Cape and London.
3rd August 1839. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Henning, for Calcutta.
13th March 1840. Birth of Jane Maria Grant on board just off the Cape of Good Hope.
10th August 1840. Due to sail from Gravesend for Madras and Calcutta. Captain Henning. Fitted with steam machinery to propel her in calms.
16th August 1840. Due to sail from Portsmouth for Madras and Calcutta.
10th April 1841. The following was posted at Lloyd’s “A large steamer under canvass, no steam, was seen in lat. 13 north, long. 23 west, standing north-west, by the ‘Lord Saumarez’, arrived at Deal.” This is supposed to have been the ‘Earl of Hardwicke’, arrived in the Downs from Calcutta, which vessel is fitted up as a steamer, but usually uses canvass. She would have been in this track.
21st June 1841. Sold for the sum of 10/- (50p).
4th August 1841. Due to sail, Commander J. Gimblett, for Calcutta.
1st December 1841. Sailed from China (Macao).
9th January 1841. Arrived at Calcutta embarking troops for China.
6th February 1843. Sailed from Bengal, Captain Henning, for London.
7th April 1843. Sailed from St. Helena.
25th May 1843. Arrived off Portsmouth.
24th February 1844. During her passage from Calcutta Mr.Joseph Taylor, aged 19, died.
7th June 1844. In the British Channel with troops.
8th June 1844. Arrived at Gravesend from China.
28th January 1844. Arrived at Calcutta from Portsmouth.
10th August 1844. Due to sail from Portsmouth, Captain J. Drew, for Calcutta.
13th September 1845. Arrived at Deal, and sailed for Madras and Calcutta.
22nd September 1845. Sailed from Portsmouth. Captain Drew. Had a race with the ‘Apollo’ down the Channel.
3rd June 1847. Sailed from St. Helena, Captain Weller, one of Mr. Green’s ships, for London.
6th July 1847. Passed Portsmouth for London, with a full cargo and passengers from Calcutta.
3rd August 1848. Arrived at Gravesend from Calcutta.
20th June 1849. Arrived at Gravesend from Bombay. Captain Brown.
8th June 1851. Arrived at Gravesend from Bombay.
17th June 1851. Entered outwards for Bombay.
1st April 1852. Frank M’Pherson died on board, aged 20 years and 9 months.
16th June 1853. Passed Deal, from Bombay for London with the ‘Clifton’ in tow.
19th February 1854. Sailed from Deal.
6th March 1856. Sailed from Deal for Madras.
9th April 1858. Steering westward at 49N., 6W.
11th May 1858. Spoken to, 23 N. 13S., heading for Singapore.
15th May 1858. At the Cape of Good Hope with the Chief Justice, Sir William Hodges, on board.
2nd March 1859. Sailed the steamer, from Gravesend for Madras.
6th December 1860. Passed Deal from London for Madras.
4th February 1861. Taken up by the Admiralty for the conveyance of naval and military stores for Madras.
1st March 1861. Due to sail, Captain G. Way, for Madras from the East India Docks.
13th June 1861. Arrived at Madras, Captain Way with passengers Maj. Condy, 27th M.N.I., Capt. Davies, 15th M.N.I., Mrs. Davis and child, Capt. Nott, H.M.’s 1st Royals, Lieut. Medhurst, H.M,’s 43rd, Mrs. Medhurst and two children, Miss Nott, Mrs. Smith and child, Miss Fish, Miss Roberts, Miss Woodal, Lieut. McLeod, 5th batt. Madras Art., George McLeod, Esq., Lieut. Seymour, H.M.’s 68th Inf., Lieut. Barber, 15th M.N.I., Rev. – Turman, Rev. – Marrett, Mr. Davis, Mr. Clarke, Mr. White, Mr. Morris, Mr. Dobbie, Mr. Beer.
27th July 1861. Arrived at Madras, from Masulipatam.
2nd August 1861. Sailed from Madras for London with passengers Capt. W.C.R. Newlyn, Dr. Symons, Mrs. Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Maitland, Col. Smith, Col. Johnson, Lieut. Stavely.
18th December 1861. Arrived in London from Madras, Captain Way.
9th March 1862. Major-Gen. Johnstone, the newly-appointed Governor of the Mauritius, embarked on board at Spithead and sailed that evening.
29th June 1862. Arrived in London, Captain Way, with passengers Mr. and Mrs. Phillips and child, Lieut. and Mrs. Sherriffs, Lieuts. Shamby, Clarke, and Stewart, Ensigns Basfield, Sheppard, and Wetherall, Miss Evans, Miss Sanderson, Mr. Studman, Mr. Brakspear, Mr. Boggs, Mr. Straith, Mr. Lowe, Mr. Paterson, Mr. Bremner, Mr. Buncombe, Mr. Horner, Master Seymour and brother.
15th December 1862. Passed Deal for London.
16th December 1862. Arrived at Gravesend from Madras.
1863. Wrecked off the coast of South Africa.

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