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Built by:Wells, Wigram & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.152
Launched:17th April 1813
Tonnage:1,080 7/94
Length:150 feet
Breadth:40 feet
Depth:13' 5"
Built of:Red pine.
Type:5th Rate Frigate.
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Armament, 38 guns = 16 x 32pdr carronades - 28 x 24pdr, 2 x 9pdr.
Cost to build £24,445 + £2,059 extra.
History:1813. Arming.
August 1813. Sailed from the Nore bound off Brest.
26th August 1813. Sailed for off Cherburgh.
30th August 1813. Joined the blockading squadron off Brest.
14th September 1813. Had a trial of 24-pounders to blockading squadron off Brest.
25th November 1813. Sent six of her 24-pounders on board the ‘Cydnus’, and received in exchange the same number of the latter’s guns.
19th December 1813.Detained and sent into Plymouth the French sloop ‘La Rose Marie’, from Bordeaux, bound to Morlaix.
17th January 1814. Arrived at Plymouth from a cruise.
5th February 1814. Received back her six 24’s and returned to the ‘Cydnus’ those belonging to her.
9th February 1814. Sailed from Plymouth to the westward on a cruise.
25th February 1814. Discovered the French 40-gun frigate ‘Clorinde’, lat, 47.40’N., lon. 9.30’W., and sailed in chase and was involved in a severe action, following which both ships separated. Having cleared the wreck, using jury masts she sailed in pursuit, only to be beaten to her prospective prize by the ‘Dryad’, with the ‘Achate’ in sight, thus losing much of the kudos for the capture and perhaps more importantly, less prize money. Taking the prize in tow, the ‘Dryad’ proceeded with her to Portsmouth; and the ‘Clorinde’ was afterwards added to the British navy by the name of ‘Aurora’.
2nd March 1814. Arrived at Plymouth from a cruise, dismasted, having captured the ‘Clorinde’ French frigate, of 44 guns and 400 men, after an action of two hours and 20 minutes, in which the prize was totally dismasted, and lost 40 men killed, and 80 wounded. The ‘Eurotas’ had 20 men killed, and 30 wounded.
15th June 1814. Arrived at Plymouth from Gibraltar.
18th August 1814. Arrived at Plymouth from Bordeaux.
27th August 1814. Sailed from Plymouth on a cruise.
7th February 1815. Sailed from Plymouth on a cruise.
4th May 1815. Sailed from Cork with troops for Ostend.
4th August 1815. Sailed from Plymouth with the ‘Bellerophon’ with Napoleon on board.
6th October 1815. Sailed from Malta for Plymouth.
3rd November 1815. Sailed from Gibraltar.
15th November 1815. Arrived at Plymouth.
5th December 1815. Arrived at Plymouth from foreign service, then to proceed to Chatham to have her defects made good.
August 1817. Broken up.

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