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Built by:Wells, Wigram & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.157
Launched:21st February 1814
Tonnage:1,259 68/94
Length:159 feet
Breadth:42 feet
Depth:12' 5"
Built of:Pitch Pine.
Type:4th Rate Frigate.
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Armament 50 guns.
Cost £32,206 + £70 extra.
History:1813. Some comments on the design and building.
27th September 1814. Arrived at Portsmouth from the Downs.
30th September 1814. Sailed from Portsmouth for Plymouth.
2nd October 1814. Arrived at Plymouth.
28th July 1816. Sailed from Plymouth as a part of a fleet of 19 vessels for Gibraltar and the bay of Algiers.
Arrived at Gibraltar where it joined the Dutch squadron. The fleet was victualled and preparations made for the forthcoming battle, with gunnery practice etc., taking place.
1816. At the battle of Algiers and suffered severely from a raking fire from the shore.
3rd September 1816. The fleet sailed from Algiers for Gibraltar then England.
8th October 1816. Sailed from Portsmouth for Deptford to be paid off.
31st August 1817. At Deptford and been commissioned.
2nd October 1817. At Deptford being fitted out.
28th November 1817. Arrived at Portsmouth from Deptford to be fitted for foreign service.
21st December 1817. Sailed from Portsmouth for the Mediterranean.
21st June 1819. Sailed from Malta for Smyrna and Palermo.
7th March 1821. Sailed from Spithead and went into Portsmouth Harbour to be paid off and re-commissioned, having recently returned from the Mediterranean, where she has recently been operating in the region of Baia Bay.
2nd October 1821. Put into Torbay or Plymouth Sound due to the foul wind.
6th October 1821. While anchored at Falmouth three men from the town and two deserters from the ‘Niemen’, whilst making for the ship were downed when their boat sank.
6th October 1821. Remains in Carrick Roads, Falmouth, wind bound.
7th December 1821. Arrived at the Cape of Good Hope from England, for Ceylon.
10th October 1825. Sailed from Portsmouth for Harwich to embark passengers for the Baltic.
27th December 1825. Sailed from Portsmouth to the Tagus to relive the ‘Tribune’.
6th January 1827. Employed in the Mediterranean.
12th May 1827. At Malta employed protecting British trade in the Archipelago, at Alexandria, and around the coasts of Syria and Caramania.
20th October 1827. The Allied Fleet entered the Bay of Navarin and anchored opposite their Turkish equivalents, and shortlt afterwards, following some sporadic firing, the battle became general.
4th June 1828. Arrived at Valletta with the officers and men of the ‘Parthian’ which was wrecked on 15th May, near Marabout Island, on the coast of Egypt.
24th June 1828. Sailed from Navarino for Corfu.
3rd July 1828. Sailed from Corfu for Malta.
10th July 1828. Sailed from Malta for Gibraltar.
4th August 1828. Sailed from Gibraltar for Portsmouth.
18th August 1828. Arrived at Portsmouth from the Mediterranean.
29th January 1829. Broken up completed at Chatham.
30th September 1834. Prize money for the ‘Navarin’ due for payment.
7th June 1848. Medals were granted to surviving officers, seamen and marines and soldiers who served as marines.

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