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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.204
Launched:26th July 1830
Tonnage:405 20/94
Length:114' 6"
Breadth:27' 11"
Depth:6' 2"
Decks:Two with three masts.
Built of:Wood
Type:Barque - Whaler
Registered:1st Jan 1851 at London, No 1 - Cert granted 15th May 1848 No 193
Re-Reg 15th February 1851 at London No 38.
Built for:Green, Wigram's & Green..
Other info:Crew 20 men
History:7th April 1833. Arrived in the Downs from the South Seas.
2nd May 1833. Arrived at London from the Downs.
27th January 1837. Arrived at Gravesend from the Cape of Good Hope.
29th June 1837. Spoken with from London for the South Seas in lat.8 long 24.
20th September 1837. Arrived at the Downs for the South Seas.
6th October 1837. Arrived at Tahiti from London with 100 barrels of oil.
2nd May 1838. Court Case about non-payment of oil delivered to oil-merchants after voyage in May 1833.
1st April 1843. Spoken with – with 380 barrels of oil.
31st October 1848. Owned by Samuel Henry Wright of London.
December 1848. Chartered by the Hudson’s Bay Company to carry labourers for the settlement on Vancouver Island.
31st May 1849. Arrived in Victoria where she discharged the emigrants. Then proceeded to Fort Vancouver and the Sandwich Islands.
10th November 1850. Arrived at Gravesend from Callao.
1851. Owned by Lewis Morice of London.

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