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Built by:Perry, Wells & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.123
Launched:8th January 1803
Tonnage:547 86/94
Length:99' 10"
Breadth:32' 2"
Depth:16' 0"
Built of:
Type:East Indiaman.
Built for:Captain John Woolmore.
Other info:Cost £19 per ton.
18 Guns. 50 Men.
History:28th August 1801. John Woolmore accepted tender of £13 · 10s per ton.
21st March 1803. Sailed for St. Helena and Bombay.
15th May 1804. Arrived back at her moorings.
5th August 1804. Came down from the River, Captain Bailey, passing Deal, bound for the East Indied.
4th September 1804. Sailed for Madeira, Madras and Bengal, Captain William John Eastfield.
27th December 1805. Arrived back at her moorings.
1806. Sold to Robert Burrowes.
10th March 1806. At Blackwall loading stores. Captain Thomas Gabriel Bayliff.
24th March 1806. Sailed from Blackwall for Northfleet.
30th March 1806. Sailed from Northfleet to Gravesend.
31st March 1806. Arrived at Gravesend.
28th April 1806. Sailed from Gravesend for Margate Roads.
29th April 1806. At Margate Roads.
3rd May 1806. Arrived at Portsmouth.
1st June 1806. Sailed from Portsmouth for Madira and Bombay.
27th June 1806. Arrived at Porto Santo, Madeira.
23rd July 1806. Sailed from Madeira.
22nd August 1806. Crossed the Equator.
3rd October 1806. Arrived at Table Bay.
15th October 1806. Sailed from Table Bay.
5th December 1806. Crossed the Equator.
25th December 1806. Arrived at Cochin Roads, India.
27th December 1806. Sailed from Cochin Roads.
28th December 1806. Arrived at Tellicherry, India.
11th January 1807. Arrived at Bombay.
26th February 1907. Sailed from Bombay.
5th March 1807. Arrived at Mangalore, India.
14th March 1807. Arrived at Point de Galle, Ceylon.
25th March 1807. Sailed from Point de Galle.
3rd April 1807. Crossed the Equator.
14th June 1807. Arrived at St. Helena.
28th June 1807. Sailed from St. Helena.
7th July 1807. Crossed the Equator.
6th September 1807. Arrived at the Downs.
12th September 1807. Arrived at Woolwich Roads.
14th September 1807. Arrived at Blackwall.
15th September 1807. Arrived at the East India Docks.
8th May 1808. Sailed for Bombay.
10th July 1808. On way to India.
17th July 1809. Arrived back at her moorings.
15th December 1809. A Court of Directors was held at the East India House, when Capt. Nesbitt, of the ‘Huddart’, for Madras and Bengal was sworn in as commander.
14th March 1810. Sailed for Madras and Bengal.
12th June 1810. In lat 33.30 S, lon 2.30 E.
26th July 1812. Arrived in London.
Sold to Richard Burrowes.
18th March 1813. Sailed from London for Madras and Bengal.
11th January 1814. Sailed from Point de Gallie.
2nd June 1814. Arrived in London.
1814. Wigram’s & Green held shares.
3rd April 1815. Sailed from London for Madeira, Madras and Bengal.
14th July 1816. Arrived in London.
16th May 1817. Sailed from London for Bombay.
7th December 1817. Sailed from Bombay, for England. Captain Weller.
4th January 1818. Sailed from Tellicherry.
21st March 1818. Sailed from St. Helena. The passengers who went on shore with an expectation of seeing Bonaparte, state, that he still continues sulky, and will not allow himself to be seen by any English visitors. He rises, at this season of the year, about three o’clock in the morning, and after walking in his garden for an hour, retires to his house, where he remains the whole of the day.
2nd June 1818. Arrived at Plymouth.
5th June 1818. Arrived at the Isle of Wight, in want of provisions, which were immediately sent off by Messrs. Lindegren, agents to the East India Company.
12th June 1818. Arrived at London.
1818. Transferred to the North Atlantic trade to Canada.
3rd October 1821. During a gale of wind, Captain Appleton bound for London, drove on the rocks near Wolf’s Cove, and feared a total loss.
6th October 1821. Stranded in the St. Lawrence River and became a total loss.
7th December 1821. Stranded at Quebec and sold.

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