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Built by:Wigram's & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.181
Launched:6th December 1820
Tonnage:1,332 12/94
Length:133' 11"
Breadth:43' 3"
Depth:17' 1"
Built of:Wood
Built for:East India Co. Ship's Husband, Stewart Majoribanks.
Other info:130 Men. 26 guns.
History:1821 to 1823. Chartered by the East India Co. for 3 voyages.
14th March 1821. Sailed from London, Captain Henry Cobb, for Bombay and China.
29th January 1822. Loading tea in China.
29th June 1822. Arrived in London.
7th January 1823. Sailed from London for Bengal and China.
20th December 1824. To be ready to sail from the East India Docks for Bengal and China.
24th March 1824. Arrived in London.
4th January 1825. Due at Gravesend and to stay there for thirty days.
6th February 1825. A detachment of men belonging to British Regiments in India, the 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Infantry is ordered to proceed from Albany Barracks to Chatham to embark on board.
9th February 1825. Due to arrive at the Downs.
19th February 1825. Sailed for Bengal and China.
1st March 1825. Fire in the Bay of Biscay with troops for India. During a gale in the Bay, the cargo in the hold shifted, and a spirit cask burst open and came in contact with a lighted lamp. In a moment the hold was ablaze, and almost all hope had gone, when the ‘Gambria’, a two hundred ton brig, hove in sight and rescued all on board except eighty-two.

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