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Built by:Wells, Wigram & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.156
Launched:25th September 1813
Tonnage:1,261 70/94
Length:159 feet
Breadth:42 feet
Depth:12' 6"
Built of:Pitch Pine.
Type:4th Rate Frigate.
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Armament. 50 guns = 20 x 32pdr carronades, 20 x 24pdr, 2 x 9pdr.
Cost £32,206 + £85 extra.
History:1813. Some comments on the design and building of the ship.
26th July 1814. Sailed down the river and arrived at Deal, and sailed for Portsmouth.
11th August 1814. At Portsmouth and appointed the Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec convoy.
23rd August 1814. Due to sail from Portsmouth with the convoy for Quebec if the wind permitting.
24th August 1814. Sailed from Portsmouth with a convoy for Spain and Portugal.
1st September 1814. Sailed from Portsmouth with the convoy for Quebec.
1st December 1814. Arrived at Portsmouth from Quebec.
25th May 1815. Sailed from Falmouth with sealed orders to the westward.
10th January 1819. Sail from Deal for Portsmouth to prepare for a passage to Lisbon.
26th September 1819. Sailed from Portsmouth for Leith.
14th September 1820. Sailed from Portsmouth for Lisbon.
6th October 1821. Sailed from Spithead and arrived in the Portsmouth harbour, to be paid off, and re-commissioned for service on the East India station.
5th May 1824. In the Burmese War – Sailed from Port Cornwallis for Rangoon, the principal point of attack, in the first instance, with four of the company’s cruisers, under Captain Henry Hardy and other vessels, including the steam-vessel ‘Diana’, where they arrived on the 10th, and the attack was launched on the 11th.
31st May 1832. The Burmese War – Commodore Grant, indisposed and left Rangoon, leaving Captain Marryat in command.
2nd September 1824. On the death of Commodore Grant, Captain Coe assumed the command.
17th October 1825. Was daily expected at the Cape of Good Hope, from her passage from India.
14th November 1825. Arrived at the Cape of Good Hope after assisting the ‘Isabella’ having lost her three top masts in a gale in the Mozambique Channel.
July 1827 Broken up.

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