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Built by:Wigram, Perry, Wells & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.131
Launched:30th August 1806
Tonnage:1,731 59/94
Depth:18' 3"
Built of:Woodern
Type:3rd Rate - Class Repulse
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Armament - 74 guns.
Cost to build £36 per ton = £61,419 + £112 extra.
History:Launched within fifteen months after the contract had been signed.
19th November 1806. Sailed from Sheerness for Portsmouth.
1st January 1807. Arrived at Portsmouth to join the Channel Fleet.
21st March 1810. Involved in the expedition in the Adriatic against the island of St. Maura.
24th June 1811. Reported to be off Corfu.
18th July 1811. Off Toulon.
12th May 1812. Sailed out of Plymouth Harbour.
June / August 1812. With the 'Venerable', swept along the coast of Spain, making daring attacks on the enemy's posts wherever opportunity allowed.
10th August 1812. Arrived at Plymouth from the coast of Spain, with wounded officers.
27th August 1812. Sailed from Plymouth to the westward.
10th September 1812. Arrived at Plymouth from off Brest.
16th December 1812. A narrow escape in the entrance to Basque Road.
23rd December 1812. Arrived at Plymouth from the coast of Spain.
11th January 1813. Remains at Plymouth.
31st July 1813. Sailed from Plymouth for the Channel fleet.
6th November 1813. Sent into Plymouth the American ship ‘Amiable’.
5th March 1814. Sailed from Plymouth on a cruise.
12th June 1814. Sailed from Portsmouth with a squadron for Cherbourg to bring back to England 10 to12,000 Russian Guards.
20th June 1814. Returned to Portsmouth from Cherbourg without the Russian troops.
6th July 1814. Appointed to take the next West India convoy from Portsmouth.
3rd August 1814. Remains in Portsmouth with the West India convoy.
24th August 1814. Sailed from Portsmouth with the convoy for the West Indies.
1st September 1814. Sailed from St. Helen’s with the convoy for the West Indies.
4th September 1814. Arrived at Cork with the outward bound West India Fleet from Spithead.
7th September 1814. Has made the signal to weigh at Cove to the West Indies convoy, and proceeded to sea.
12th November 1814. Arrived at Jamaica with a convoy.
10th July 1815. Arrived at Deal with a part of a convoy from the West Indies.
17th July 1815. Arrived at Portsmouth from the Downs.
1825. Fitting out as a Convalescent Ship at Port Royal, Jamaica.
27th December 1825. Sailed from Portsmouth for Port Royal, Jamaica, where she will be used as Flag Ship in the West Indies.
29th December 1825. Arrived at Plymouth from Spithead on route to Port Royal.
23rd March 1828. Commanded by Captain Williams Sandom, receiving ship at Port Royal.
14th April 1828. Commanded by Captain George William Conway Courtenay, receiving ship at Jamaica.
10th August 1829. At Jamaica.
September 1829. Commanded by Acting Captain Charles Ramsay Drinkwater-Bethune, receiving ship at Jamaica.
8th September 1829. Commanded by Captain Henry Smith, receiving ship at Jamaica.
1830. Receiving Ship at Jamaica.
28th April 1835. Reported to be serving as the hospital ship at Port Royal.
19th July 1835. Receiving ship at Port Royal.
30th March 1838. Commanded by Commodore Peter John Douglas.
28th May 1841. On North America and West Indies station.
1843. Disposed of.

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