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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.213
Launched:24th April 1834
Tonnage:603 79/94
Depth:11' 3"
Built of:
Type:Blackwall Frigate
Off. Number:
Built for:
Other info:One of the first of Green, Wigram's & Green's Blackwall frigates.
History:1st July 1834. Due to sail from Gravesend, for Bombay, and embark passengers at Portsmouth, burthen 650 tons, William Tucker Commander; lying in the East India Dock. Has two cabins in the poop, and four state cabins below.
21st June 1834. Will sail.
13th July 1834. Arrived at Portsmouth from London.
15th July 1834. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Tucker, for Bombay, with Mr. Sullivan and family and servants, Capt. Ronbar, Capt. Ord and lady, Mr. Bourchier and lady, Capt. Clunes and family, Miss Loveday, Mr. Jameson, Rev. Mr. Bailey and lady, three Clergymen of the C.M.S., Dr. Kayne, and Mr. Cobs as passengers.
27th July 1834. Sailed from Madeira for Bombay.
10th July 1840. Due to sail to Bombay, Commander R. Pollock.
20th July 1841. Due to sail, Commander R. Pollock, for Bombay.
26th July 1844. Due to sail from Gravesend, Commander R. Pollock, for Bombay.
20th July 1846. Due to sail from Gravesend, Captain W. H. Pare, for Bombay.
20th January 1851. Loading at London for Madras and Calcutta.
12th February 1851. Arrived off North Foreland from London for the Cape of Good Hope and Madras.
15th February 1851. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Noaks, for the Cape and Madras.
6th August 1851. Sailed from Madras for the Cape of Good Hope and London.
2nd December 1851. Off Deal from Madras.
5th December 1851. Arrived at London.
4th February 1852. Off Deal for the Cape of Good Hope.
10th February 1852. Arrived at Portsmouth from London for the Cape of Good Hope and Madras.
27th November 1852. Passed Deal and arrived at Gravesend from Madras.
28th December 1852. Loading at London for Madras, Captain Noaks.

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