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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.256
Launched:12th January 1842
Tonnage:491 76/94
Length:125 6/10
Depth:10' 0"
Decks:Two with three masts
Built of:Wood
Registered:10th November 1843, No. 343 in London.
11th January 1853, No. 17 in London.
Off. Number:
Built for:
Other info:
History:15th February 1842. Due to sail for Madras and Calcutta, Captain Shettler.
20th February 1842. Arrived at Portsmouth from London, for Calcutta.
21st March1843. Sailed from China for Bristol.
31st July 1843. Arrived at Bristol from Canton.
1st January 1844. Due to sail for Madras and Calcutta, Captain R. B. Shettler.
21st April 1851. Sailed from London Docks for New South Wales.
11th August 1851. Arrived at Sydney from London.
10th September 1851. Sailed from Sydney for Madras in ballast.
13th October 1852(?). Sold after 8th voyage.
1853. Owned by Henry William Schneider, Henry Ranking and John Joseph Silva of The English and Australian Copper Company.
18th July 1853. Arrived at Port Wakefield from Monte Video with 70 live mules, out of 180, and accompanying Chilean muleteers.
12th February 1854. Arrived at Tahiti from Coquimba.
29th March 1854. Sailed from Sydney for Adelaide, Captain E. R. Coleman, with passengers Mrs Colman, family and servant.
11th April 1854. Arrived at Adelaide from Sydney.
17th May 1854. A seaman called Humphrey took Captain Coleman to court for selling off his chest and clothes, due to the seaman refusing to work at Port Wakefield.
8th June 1854. Arrived at Auckland from Adelaide.
23rd June 1854. Sailed from Auckland for Valparaiso.
17th February 1855. Arrived at Adelaide from Valparaiso.
26th February 1855. Encountered a hurricane which took away her topgallant mast and sustained other damage as well.
3rd March 1855. Arrived at Port Wakefield with 200 mules and 16 horses.
29th August 1855. Arrived at King George’s Sound, Bunbury, with a general cargo and 300 Chinese, bound for Adelaide from Singapore. She called in due to having lost her rudder in a gale, and put in to get a new one. The Chinese on board are in a miserable state from the effects of a very unfashionable, but well-known disorder the yclept the “Itch”. Some of them have been landed on the opposite side of the harbour for medical treatment.
19th September 1855. Sailed from Bunbury for Adelaide, Captain C. Woods.
7th November 1855. Arrived at Gravesend from Adelaide.
29th August 1856. Samuel Whiteside was charged with stealing a clock from the cargo.

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