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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.257
Launched:7th March 1842
Tonnage:1,080 75/94
Breadth:10 . 4m
Depth:6' 7"
Machinery:300 nhp. Made and fitted by Seaward & Capel. 21 strokes per minute.
Built of:Wood
Type:Paddle steamer
Off. Number:
Built for:Mexican Government under the supervision of Messrs. Lizardi & Co.
Other info:Armament. 1 - 68pdr, 2 - 32pdr, 4 - 32pdr carronder, 1 - 9pdr.
Complement. 6 offices and 75 ratings.
History:28th July 1842. A trial voyage from Blackwall to the Lower Hope and back.
1842. Fitted out as a warship for the Mexican Government but a representative from Texas interfered and an order was sent to take out all her stores and ammunition and convert her into a merchantman.
18th December 1842. Called in at St. Thomas for coals, and proceeded to Vera Cruz.
20th January 1843. Left Vera Cruz with about 1500 troops for Yucatan.
21st February 1843. Dispatched to aid in the siege of Campeachy.
1st March 1843. Arrived at Campeachy from Vera Cruz with reinforcements.
14th March 1843. Boarded the schooner ‘Two Sons’, had a glass of wine and left.
4th June 1843. The Texans caused serious damage to the vessel at Yucatan.
June 1843. At Toculxa, near Mexico, a fever was raging and Captain Cleveland and several of the crew, had died, and nearly all the remainder were on the sick list.
1844. Overhauled in the U.S.
26th February 1844. Sailed from Vera Cruz for Campeachy.
15th August 1844. Arrived at Morocco.
17th August 1844. Sailed from Morocco for Tunis.
1846. August. Sold for obscure reasons to Spain (with ('Guadalupe') and delivered at Havana. Renamed 'CASTILLA' . Used under Spanish service as dispatch vessel.
1847 April. Was the first Spanish steam warship to cross the Atlantic.

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