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Built by:Wells, Wigram & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.150
Launched:27th June 1812
Tonnage:1,758 16/94
Length:176 feet
Breadth:48 & 1/2 feet
Depth:17' 10"
Built of:Wooden
Type:3rd Rate
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Armament. 74 guns.
Cost £58,329 + £185 extra.
History:22nd December 1812. Arrived at Deal from the Nore.
29th December 1812. Arrived at St. Helen’s.
31st December 1812. Arrived at Portsmouth Harbour.
14th April 1813. Detained and sent into Plymouth the American schooner ‘Young Holkar’ from Charleston, bound to Bourdeaux.
5th June 1813. Arrived at Plymouth from off Brest.
6th June 1813. Sailed from Plymouth from Cawsand Bay to blockade Brest.
29th August 1813. At Portsmouth and given instructions to next convoy for the coast of Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean.
2nd September 1813. Expected to proceed from Portsmouth early in the morning with the convoy bound to the Mediterranean.
3rd September 1813. Remains at Portsmouth with her convoy.
9th September 1813. Expected to sail from Portsmouth with the convoy.
4th November 1813. Arrived off Cape Sicie.
5th November 1813. Involved in a skirmish with a French squadron off Toulon.
18th January 1814. With the ‘Mulgrave’ captured the ‘Rondinella’.
24th June 1814. Sailed from Genoa for Mahon.
3rd July 1814. Sailed from Mahon for England.
30th July 1814. Arrived at Portsmouth from Genoa.
1st January 1820. Repairing with a circular stern.
July 1830. At Portsmouth.
7th February 1835. Being inspected In ordinary.
2nd January 1836. At Portsmouth and has been rumored that she is to be prepared for sea service.
16th February 1836. Reported to be in Portsmouth Dock.
25th March 1836. Commanded by Captain Thomas Fellowes.
2nd June 1836. Went out from Portsmouth to Spithead.
9th July 1836. Sailed from Portsmouth with the ‘Bellerophon’ on a cruise to trial fitments and rigging etc.
23rd July 1836. Sailed from Portsmouth with ‘Hercules’, ‘Bellerophon’, ‘Vanguard’ and the ‘Cornwallis’ on a cruise during which they are expected to touch at Plymouth Sound.
27th September 1836. Sailed from Cork for Plymouth.
8th October 1836. Arrived at Plymouth from Cork.
29th October 1836. Reported to be in the Tagus.
25th January 1837. In the Tagus where it is reported that influenza was endemic amongst the British squadron, causing a number of deaths.
25th January 1837. Commanded by Captain Fairfax Moresby, Mediterranean station.
27th February 1837. Sailed from Lisbon for Gibraltar and Malta.
11th March 1837. Was driven from her anchorage at Gibraltar, and touched the ground during the recent gales. She has now been refloated without serious injury.
April 1837. Captain Sir T. Fellowes, recently appointed to the ‘Vanguard’, is ordered home for court martial on charges relative to going ashore in Gibraltar Bay.
13th May 1837. At Spithead.
5th July 1837. Captain Fellowes was admonished and was to be more cautious in future.
16th September 1837. Reported to be at Cork and due to sail shortly for Lisbon.
9th January 1839. At Malta.
6th February 1839. At Malta.
21st June 1839. Arrived at Valetta.
September 1939. At Besika Bay.
13th October 1839. At Malta and it is reported that a malignant fever had appeared among the crews of both fleets at Besika Bay, but with most intensity on board the French vessels.
23rd October 1839. Winter anchorage at Vourla.
25th January 1840. At Spithead.
1st February 1840. Was towed into Portsmouth harbour by the ‘Meteor’ and the ‘Messenger’, to be paid off. The following men received the usual medals, etc., as a reward for long service and good conduct:- Thomas Bleach, gunner’s mate, pension £27 . 16s per annum, and a gratuity of £13; John Brown, master-at-arms, pension £24 . 16s., and a gratuity of £7; Thomas Walker, ship’s corporal, pension £22, and a gratuity of £7; George Bore, gunner’s crew, pension £13 . 4s., and a gratuity of £5.
19th September 1840. At Portsmouth and is ready to receive a pendant.
17th October 1840. Was taken up the Portsmouth harbour.
January 1843. Out of commission at Portsmouth.
January 1848. At Portsmouth.
20th December 1848. At Portsmouth.
22nd July 1850. Balance of Prize Monies due 1814 paid, following the bankruptcy of the agent appointed to make payment.
1854/55. Converted to screw block ship, 60 guns.
3rd February 1855. Undocked as screw ship at Portsmouth Dockyard. Class – Cornwallis.
5th February 1855. Commanded by Captain George Henry Seymour. On Baltic during the Russian War, then North America and West Indies.
3rd December 1856. Commanded by Captain John Fraser, on Coast Guard, Leith.
1st March 1858. Commissioned for Coastguard Service at Harwich.
1st March 1859. Commanded by Captain Edward Philips Charlewood.
1860. Coastguard Service, Harwich District.
January 1861. Commanded by Captain George Edwin Patey.
1861. Paying off at Portsmouth.
28th April 1863. Commanded by Captain John Ormsby Johnson.
1st January to 31st December 1864. On Coast Guard Service, Home Station, at Harwich. Report of fevers and Small Pox onboard. Number of cases of Disease and Injury.
27th April 1866. Commanded by Captain John Welbore Sunderland Spencer.
12th June 1869. Commanded by Captain Thomas Miller, flagship of Vice-Admiral Richard Laird Warren, Sheerness.
June 1869. Flagship, Commander-in-Chief at the Nore, Sheerness.
1869. Last in commission.
March 1873. Base ship at Chatham. Renamed 'Forte'.
1st April 1873. Commissioned at Sheerness.
1st January 1875. Commanded by Captain John Clark Soady and Captain Superintendent of the Medway steam reserve.
1877. H.M.S. 'Trent' took nominal name as 'Pembroke', and other ships subsequently.
1879. Machinery appears to have been removed.
30th November 1881. Commanded by Captain Walter James Hunt-Grubbe, harbour service.
17th December 1881. Commanded by Captain Lord Walter Talbot Kerr, harbour service.
April 1886. At Chatham.
1890. Ship 'FORTE' used as receiving hulk.
1905. Ship sold out of service.

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