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Built by:Wigram's & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.185
Launched:24th April 1822
Tonnage:481 64/94
Length:122' 3"
Breadth:29' 9"
Built of:
Type:Blackwall Frigate.
Built for:Meaburn & Johnson.
Other info:She flew the cross of St.George on a white back ground. Anchoring at Spithead, she was boarded by the flag-lieutenant, who, presenting the compliments of the Port Admiral, desired to know why the ship was flying an Admiral's flag. The captain, with great presence of mind, caused a blue handkerchief to be sewn in the middle of the flag, which then became the house-flag of Wigram's & Green. Later the house-flag of Money Wigram & Son's.
History:1824. Purchased by Wigram's & Green for the Indian and Australian trade.
15th January 1833. Sailed from Bombay for London.
9th March 1833. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope.
23rd March 1833. Sailed from Ascension.
15th May 1833. Arrived at Portsmouth from Bombay.
6th August 1839. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Campbell, for Ceylon and Bombay.
5th August 1840. Due to sail for Bombay, Commander R. Campbell.
14th February 1842. Arrived in Botany Bay.
1850 - 1853 - 1856. She did three voyages to New Zealand.
1853. Left London Dec 9th, Captain Chapman, and was severely damaged in the Channel, detained for six weeks repairing the damages.
21st February 1856. Sailed, Captain Wycherley.
11th October 1862. Condemned after being badly damaged at sea, and sold for breaking up.

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