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Built by:Green, Wigram's & Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.230
Launched:8th April 1837
Tonnage:818 89/94
Length:148 . 6
Breadth:35 . 6
Depth:10' 6"
Built of:
Off. Number:
Built for:R. & H. Green of Blackwall.
Other info:Last of the East Indiamen, but was designed with finer lines and was without the very large poop.
History:3rd June 1837. Came down the River Thames, passed Deal, and proceeded to Madras. Captain Denny.
13th September 1837. Arrived at Madras.
17th October 1837. Arrived at Calcutta from Madras.
15th December 1837. Sailed from Calcutta for London.
19th December 1837. Sailed from Bimliapatam.
6th February 1838. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope.
20th February 1838. Sailed from St. Helena.
8th April 1838. Arrived off Deal from Calcutta and proceeded for the river.
12th April 1838. Arrived in the Downs from Calcutta, and Entered Inward at the Custom House.
23rd June 1838. Came down the River Thames and passed Deal for Madras.
20th November 1838. Loading for London at Calcutta.
23rd December 1838. Sailed from Bengal for London.
16th February 1839. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope for London. Landed at the Cape, from Calcutta Mr. Cope, Mrs. Cooper, Colonel Barton, Miss Barton, Captain Burnie, and Mr. Cowie.
4th March 1839. Sailed from St. Helena for London.
19th April 1839. Arrived in London with Colonel and Mrs. Stewart, Miss Stewart, Mrs. J. Stewart, Major Anderson, and Mr. Dugdale, from the Cape of Good Hope.
1st May 1839. Two of the most rare and beautiful creatures that have hitherto come to the knowledge of naturalists were landed in the East India Docks. They are a male and female deer, of the purest milk white colour, without a single blemish or spot of any other shade, and with large full eyes of an exquisite pink hue. Their proportions are symmetrical, and they are about the size of the fallow deer. They were taken among the fastnesses of the mountains in Northern India, and are the only pair yet obtained in that country. They were disembarked, together with some other quadrupeds and birds, with great care, by the keepers of the Surrey Zoological Gardens, to which they are consigned.
16th June 1839. Cleared Outward with cargo for Madras and Calcutta. Captain W. F. Hopkins.
22nd December 1839. Sailed from Bengal for London.
9th February 1840. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope.
6th April 1840. Arrived off Portsmouth from Calcutta.
8th April 1840. Arrived in the Downs from Bengal.
11th April 1840. Entered Inward from Calcutta.
15th June 1840. Sailed from Gravesend, Commander W. F. Hopkins, for Portsmouth.
21st June 1840. Arrived at Portsmouth to take in her dispatches, stock, and passengers for Madras and Calcutta.
20th November 1840. Arrived at Calcutta from London and Madras, and to sail in January for the Cape and London.
30th December 1840. Due to sail from Calcutta for the Cape of Good Hope and London.
1st January 1841. Sailed from Bengal for London via the Cape.
26th February 1841. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope.
10th March 1841. Passed St. Helena.
26th April 1841. Arrived in the Downs.
11th May 1841. Entered Outward for Madras.
21st June 1841. Sailed from London, Captain W. F. Hopkins, for Madras.
27th June 1841. Sailed from Portsmouth for Madras and Calcutta.
30th June 1841. Passed the Lizard.
15th September 1841. Arrived at Madras.
28th September 1841. Sailed from Madras for Calcutta.
7th October 1841. Arrived at Bengal.
27th December 1841. Sailed from Calcutta.
3rd May 1842. Arrived off Deal from Calcutta.
18th June 1842. Cleared out with cargo for Madras and Calcutta.
2nd October 1842. Sailed from Madras for Calcutta.
25th December 1842. Sailed from Sand Heads.
7th January 1843. Sailed from Madras.
28th February 1843. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope for London.
10th March 1843. Passed St. Helena.
25th April 1843. Arrived off Plymouth and put ashore papers and mail from Calcutta.
20th May 1843. Cleared out with cargo for Madras and Calcutta.
23rd May 1843. Came down the river and sailed for Madras. Captain D. Robertson.
25th May 1843. Arrived at Spithead having on board 80 rank and file of the 4th Regiment.
28th May 1843. Sailed from Portsmouth for Madras and Calcutta.
6th June 1843. Arriving at Madras passed a barque or brig’s mainmast, apparently of teak, scraped a painted black, with a quantity of other wreck.
4th March 1844. Sailed from Madras to Pondicherry and Cuddalore.
22nd March 1844. Sailed from Madras.
5th April 1844. Passed Deal from Calcutta.
6th April 1844. Arrived at Gravesend,
8th April 1844. Entered Inwards from Calcutta, Captain D. Robertson.
16th May 1844. Sailed from Gravesend, for Madras and Calcutta.
17th May 1844. Passed Deal for Madras, Captain Voss, for Madras.
18th May 1844. Arrived at Portsmouth from London.
21st May 1844. Sailed from Portsmouth for Madras and Calcutta.
11th September 1844. Arrived at Madras.
17th September 1844. Arrived at Calcutta. During the voyage she broke her sheer, started cutwater and stern, and had nine feet of water in her hold; part of the cargo was damaged. Dr. Oliffe, the new Roman Catholic Bishop and a large party of nuns disembarked.
6th December 1844. Embarked troops at Calcutta.
8th December 1844. Sailed from Calcutta.
10th February 1845. Called in at St. Helena for water.
12th February 1845. Sailed from St. Helena.
11th / 14th March 1845. Off the Western Islands and encountered a very dreadful gale, For the safety of the troops and passengers it was found necessary to place all below, and the hatches were battened down during the three days; so violent was the gale, that everyone expected the ship must have gone to pieces.
24th March 1845. Arrived at Deal from Bengal.
27th March 1845. Entered Inwards from Calcutta. The troops left the vessel at Gravesend, 3 men of the 10th Regiment died, 3 men of the 2nd Reg and 1 woman of the 50th Reg., also died. Mr. Alexander Holmes, a merchant at Calcutta, died on board, in the bay of Bengal, leaving his lady on board.
1st May 1845. Cleared out with cargo for Madras, Captain Godden.
7th October 1845. Sailed from Bengal.
13th December 1845. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope.
26th December 1845. Sailed from St. Helena.
30th January 1846. Arrived off the Isle of Wight.
2nd February 1846. Off Margate.
22nd April 1846. Sailed from the East India Docks for Gravesend.
23rd April 1846. Sailed from Gravesend.
26th April 1846. In collision with the Danish bark ‘Harriet’ off Beachy Head.
29th April 1846. Returned to Blackwall in a disabled state.
27th November 1846. Admiralty Court hearing of the collision with the ‘Harriet’.
14th December 1846. Thomas Carre Riddell, three, died at sea on passage from Calcutta.
24th February 1847. Passed Scilly from Calcutta.
12th March 1847. Arrived at Gravesend.
17th March 1847. Entered Inwards from Madras and Calcutta.
1st May 1847. Arrived at Portsmouth from London.
22nd November 1847. Sailed from Bengal for London, Captain Furnell.
12th January 1848. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope.
28th February 1848. Off the Start.
1st March 1848. In the Downs.
20th March 1851. Called into Falmouth and landed the mails from Bombay.
4th November 1851. At Bombay from London.
15th December 1851. Sailed from Bombay, Captain Furnell.
3rd February 1852. Sailed from the Cape of Good Hope.
8th April 1852. Arrived off Plymouth. She brings the following passengers, who landed at Millbay pier, from the pilot boat No.4 :- Captain and Mrs. Robertson and three children, Mr. Barrow and two children, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Perils and two children, Mrs. Kensington and two children, Mrs. Gabb, Mr. Webb, Captain Waddilove, Lieutenant Pigott, and Lieutenant Rowland. Mrs. Webb died at sea on the passage home.
18th October 1852. Arrived at Bombay from London.
10th March 1853. Spoken to from Bombay to London, 5. S. 17. W.
15th October 1858. Anchored at Spithead, being detained in the channel by strong south-westerly winds, and has put into this port for water.
16th October 1858. Sailed from Spithead bound for Gravesend with troops from Madras. Captain Gimblett.
24th February 1860. Off Portland, Captain Gimblett, from Madras.
4th October 1860. Sailed from Madras for Rangoon.

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