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Built by:Wells, Wigram & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.154
Launched:14th June 1813
Tonnage:1,254 16/94
Length:159 feet
Breadth:42 feet
Depth:12' 8"
Built of:Pitch Pine.
Type:4th Rate Frigate.
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Armament. 50 guns = 20 x 32pdr carronades, 28 x 24pdr, 2 x 9pdr.
Cost £32,206 + £2,068 extra.
History:1813. Some comments on the design and building of this vessel.
11th October 1813. Put back into Deal by contrary winds and remains with an outward-bound convoy.
20th October 1813. Due to sail from Portsmouth with a convoy for Bermuda and Halifax.
26th October 1813. Due to sail with convoy.
29th October 1813. All ready for sea and due to sail with convoy.
28th November 1813. Sailed from Portsmouth with a convoy for Bermuda and Bahamas.
18/19th January 1814. When convoying merchantmen to Bermuda, was chased by two French 40-gun frigates, ‘Etoile’ and ‘Sultane’, in order to lead them away from her Bermuda bound convoy and escaped without injury.
1st May 1814. Captured a US privateer, the 9 gun schooner ‘Yankee’, with 80 men.
4th July 1814. Arrived in Chesapeake Bay.
19th July to 12th August 1814. The arrival of a battalion of marines, and a detachment of marine artillery enabled the squadron to mount further expeditions ashore using the ship’s boats of the ‘Albion’, ‘Dragon’. ‘Loire’, ‘Jasseur’. ‘Narcissus’ and ‘St. Lawrence’.
20th August 1814. With the ‘Hebrus’ and brig-sloop ‘Manly’ sent up the river Patuxent to follow the boats up the river as far as might prove practicable.
13th September 1814. With the ‘Euryalus’, ‘Havannah’ and the ‘Hebrus’ sailed up the Patapsco in preparation for an attack on Baltimore.
14th September 1814. The attack on Baltimore was aborted and the frigates withdrew.
20th December 1814. Captured a US privateer, the 4 gun schooner ‘Banyer’ with 31 men.
December 1814. Captured a US privateer, the 9 gun brig ‘Ind’, with 130 men.
26th August 1815. Arrived at Plymouth.
31st August 1815. Sailed from Plymouth to Portsmouth.
19th February 1816. Captain the Hon. F. W. Aylmer is appointed to the ship at Chatham.
28th July 1816. Ailed as a part of a fleet of 19 vessels from Plymouth Sound, for Gibraltar and the Bay of Algiers.
9th August 1816. Convoy arrived at Gibraltar, where it joined the Dutch squadron, which had arrived the previous evening, and which, it was agreed, would join the expedition. Whilst at Gibraltar the fleet was victualled and preparations made for the forthcoming battle, with gunnery practice etc., taking place.
27th August 1816. At 1400 hours, no reply having been received to Lord Exmouth’s demands, the ships of the fleet took up their stations and the Battle of Algiers commenced, ceasing about 2200 hours.
3rd September 1816. The fleet sailed from Algiers for Gibraltar and England, although the ‘Severn’ remained to perform a number of duties following the Battle of Algiers.
27th November 1816. Arrived at Portsmouth from the Mediterranean, having restored ransom money and slaves from Algiers to Sicily and Naples.
31st August 1817. Has detained and sent into Dover the dogger ‘Vriendship’, from Rotterdam, on suspicion of smuggling.
6th October 1817. Remains in the Downs.
19th February 1821. Remains in the Downs.
13th March 1821. While on smuggling preventive service, George England, a seaman, shoot Joseph Swain, suspected of smuggling, by mistake, but was found guilty of willful murder and was hanged.
4th April 1821. Two members of the crew helped to save two crew of the Danish brig ‘Freundchaft’, seven drowned.
24th May 1821. Lieutenant Snow was shot and died a few days later, while trying to stop some smugglers in Herne Bay.
11th July 1821. A reward of £500 was offered in the papers for any information for mortally wounding Richard Wooldridge, Quarter-Master, and severely wounding two seamen by smugglers in Folkstone.
23rd November 1821. Six men sentenced to imprisonment for trying to bride the crew to connive the landing of a cargo of smuggled goods.
27th November 1821. Is in commission and based at Chatham and Sheerness.
3rd April 1822. Remains in the Downs.
8th May 1822. Remains in the Downs.
20th July 1825. Sold to J. Ledger.
7th June 1848. Medals granted to surviving officers, seamen and marines for the Battle of Algiers.

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