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Built by:Wigram's & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.202
Launched:9th July 1827
Tonnage:370 81/94
Built of:
Off. Number:
Built for:Wigram's & Green.
Other info:Her figurehead was a full length figure of Father Thames, holding his trident as if to spear a porpoise under the bows.
History:At one time in her career she became the cause of a rather unusual case in the Law Courts. Her chief officer was prosecuted and heavily fined for smuggling. It appears that on her arrival off the Scillies from the East a pilot boat brought off six or seven men who immediately repaired to the mate’s cabin. Here they found a rich display of silks, which they proceeded to wind round their bodies under their clothes. But, not content with this, the mate lowered a further supply, neatly packed in cases, into the boat alongside, which thereupon returned to the islands with its crew of living mummies. Unluckily for this enterprising mate, these proceedings were spied upon by an unsportsmanlike passenger, who informed against him on the ship’s arrival at Gravesend.
19th January 1828. To be ready for sea.
3rd February 1828. To sail to Gravesend and stay there for 30 days.
12th March 1828. To arrive at the Downs.
1832. Sold for £10,700.

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