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Built by:Wigram, Perry, Wells & Green at Blackwall.
Yard No.133
Launched:7th January 1807 - Laid Down April 1805
Tonnage:1,718 8/94
Length:174 feet (gundeck)
Breadth:47 feet 4 inches
Depth:17' 7"
Machinery:Sail - Full rigged ship
Built of:Wooden
Type:3rd Rate - Repulse class
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Armament 74 guns. Gundeck 28 x 32 pdrs; Upper gundeck 28 x 18 pdrs; Quarterdeck 4 x 12 pdrs, 10 x 32 pdr carronades; Forecastle 4 x 12 pdrs, 2 x 32 pdr carrondes; Poop deck 6 x 18 pdr carronades.
Cost to build £36 per ton = £61,419 + £83 extra.
History:Launched eighteen months after the contract was signed.
7th August 1807. Arrived at Copenhagen for the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen.
15th August to 20th October 1807. Capture of Danish Fleet by Admiral Gambier.
7th March 1809. Admiral Lord Gambier relieved Rear-Admiral Stopford’s in command of the blockade of Basque Roads.
17th March 1809. Anchored in Basque Roads.
11th April 1809. Used fire ships, explosion-vessels, and Congreve rockets against the French fleet at Basque roads.
12th April 1809. Attempt made to destroy grounded French vessels.
Nov/Dec 1809. Ran aground going to Glenan Island, Floated off.
3rd February 1810. Off Belle-Isle, captured the French armed merchant vessel 'Confiance' with a cargo from the Isle of France, valued at £150,000, late French 40 gun frigate ‘Canonniere’.
27/28th September 1810. At anchor in Basque Roads, with the ‘Caledonia’ and ‘Armide’ captured two brigs, and destroyed a third, whilst the marines prevented support reaching the beach.
5th April 1811. Arrived at Deal from Portsmouth.
15th April 1811. Arrived at Deal from the westward.
25th September 1811. Arrived at Deal from off Flushing.
11th October 1811. Sailed from Deal for off Flushing.
16th October 1811. Expected to arrive in the Downs in the evening from off the North Foreland.
5th November 1811. Remains in the Downs, due to adverse winds.
12th December 1811. Sailed from Deal for the Texel.
5th January 1812. Sailed from Deal.
8th January 1812. Arrived at Portsmouth from the Downs, to refit.
19th February 1812. Arrived at Portsmouth from St. Helen’s.
9th October 1812. Sailed from Deal for off the Texel.
8th December 1812. Sailed from Deal for Portsmouth, to refit.
30th December 1812. Arrived at Portsmouth from off Cherburgh.
14th January 1813. Sailed from Portsmouth for North America.
17th January 1813. Put into Cawsand Bay, Plymouth due to contrary winds and stormy weather.
19th January 1813. Sailed from Plymouth for Halifax.
1st June 1813. With the ‘Acasta’ chased the US ships ‘United States’, ‘Macedonian’ and ‘Hornet’, which had just sailed from New York, into New London.
18th June 1813. Captured a US privateer, the 20 gun brig ‘Porcupine’, with 72 men.
28th January 1814. Sailed from Jamaica with a convoy for Havannah, Bermuda and England.
2nd February 1814. Sailed from Bermuda.
11th February 1814. Sailed from Havannah.
1st March 1814. Separated from her convoy in a gale.
25th March 1814. Arrived off Falmouth from Jamaica.
28th March 1814. Arrived at Plymouth.
26th August 1814. Prepares to receive Lord Hill on board at Portsmouth, for America.
31st August 1814. Ordered to sail from Portsmouth on foreign service, and will sail as soon as the wind will permit.
20th September 1814. Sailed from Portsmouth with the Brazil convoy.
4th October 1814. At Portsmouth appointed convoy to the West Indies.
13th October 1814. If the weather continues fair she should sail from Portsmouth with the West India convoy for Cork.
16th October 1814. Remains in Portsmouth with convoy.
20th October 1814. Sailed from Portsmouth to St. Helen’s to take a convoy bound for Cork.
26th October 1814. Sailed with a convoy for Cork.
28th October 1814. Arrived at Torbay with the convoys for Quebec and Brazil.
2nd November 1814. Sailed from Cork with her convoy.
2nd January 1815. Arrived at Madeira.
4th January 1815. Sailed from Madeira with a small convoy to the Brazils.
17th September 1815. Arrived at Portsmouth from Jamaica.
1823. Disposed of.

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