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Built by:Hugh Reid, Calcutta.
Yard No.
Launched:9th November 1813
Tonnage:1,311 70/94
Length:133' 7"
Breadth:42' 4"
Depth:17' 1"
Built of:
Built for:James Mangles.
Other info:
History:January 1815. Sailed from London, Captain Robert S. Dalrymple, for Bombay and China.
15th May 1816. Arrived in London.
7th January 1817. Sailed from London for Bombay and China.
4th June 1818. Arrived in London.
29th January 1819. Sailed from London for Bombay and China.
17th May 1820. Arrived in London.
1820. Wigram’s & Green had interest’s in the ship.
19th February 1821. Sailed from London to St. Helena, Bombay and China.
January 1822. Had arrived at China.
17th October 1822. Arrived in London.
27th April 1823. Arrived at Deal outward –bound for China, waiting for her Purser.
11th June 1824. Arrived in London.
6th November 1824. To be afloat.
20th November 1824. To sail to Gravesend and stay there for 30 days.
26th December 1824. To be at the Downs.
8th January 1825. Sailed from the Downs for Bombay and China.
19th May 1826. Arrived in London.
18th February 1827. Sailed from London for Bengal and China.
8th June 1828. Arrived in London.
5th March 1829. To be ready for sea.
20th March 1829. To sail to Gravesend and stay there for 30 days.
25th April 1829. To be at the Downs.
3rd May 1829. Sailed from the Downs, Captain Robert, for China.
9th September 1830. Arrived in London.
20th March 1831. Sailed from London for Bengal and China.
21st March 1832. Arrived in London.
4th March 1833. Sailed from London for Madras, Bengal and China.
1st May 1834. Arrived in London.
1834 – 1848. Traded to India and the Far East.
1839. Sold to Danish buyers for £16,000, Name retained.
1848. Destroyed by fire.

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