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The Plymouth Emigration Depot

The Emigration Depot.
The Last Port.
Government Selection. 1851
The first ship 'Corona'. 1870
'Corona' and the depot. 1870
Alleged Ill-Treatment. 1870
Like a Prison. 1870
Concert for 'Atrato'. 1872
Emigation in 1874.
'Brodick Castle'. 1875
The Emigrant Depot. 1875
'Ocean Mail' & 'D of Edin'. 1875
The Emigrant Ship. 1875
'Star of India'. 1876
London Depot to cease. 1876
Icrease Shipping. 1877
Emigrants Sailed. 1878
The Price of Soap. 1878
'Blair Athol' concert. 1878
Hop Country Emigrants. 1879
'Star of India'. 1879
'Corona'. 1879
Concert for 'Pericles'. 1879
River Tamar - 'Pericles'. 1879
Concert for the 'Pericles'. 1879
The Fall of Emigrating. 1880
The Rev's Work - 'Peterborough'. 1880
Pleas for Emigation. 1880
The Cost to Emigrant. 1881
Where to go. 1882
Lecture - 'Dorunda'. 1882
The Buildings at the Depot. 1885
Spiritual Care. 1900
The Floating Pontoon.
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